A “Great Team” Is Working On Crysis 4, Says Crytek

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Development Going Well For Now!

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  • Crysis 4 was announced in early 2022, but little is known about the game.
  • Crytek recently hinted at smooth development and claimed a great team is dealing with the project.

Can it run Crysis? This question originally made the first-person shooter series popular among millions of PC gamers. Considered one of the most advanced games in 2007, it proved challenging for the best PC setups.

Nearly 15 years later, Crytek returned with the announcement of another title. It’s been almost two years since Crysis 4 was announced, but the studio has gone silent after the first reveal.

However, during a recent interview, Crytek provided a subtle update about the game.

Why it matters: Despite the lack of any new entries in ten years, Crysis is still relevant today, and the announcement of Crysis 4 led to a lot of buzz for the return of this IP.

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Deviating from the discussion around Hunt Showdown, the staff at MP1st asked Crytek about a possible update on the next Crysis game. General manager David Fifield replied:

“Crysis 4 is still in development and we have a great team working on it.”

Admittedly, there is not much to this reply, but fans will be pleased to know that the team appears well-settled for this project and that development is going smoothly.

As a massive part of PC gaming culture, this IP has inspired many developers who pushed the boundaries of tech and games, resulting in class-leading visuals compared to the rest.

The game is being led by Mattias Engstrom, the director behind Hitman 3. While concrete details about Crysis 4 are few and far between, the game is speculated to be a reboot after the events of the third game.

Recently, games like The Last of Us Multiplayer have faced a challenging development cycle. Therefore, with the current nature of AAA gaming, Crytek’s comment is encouraging for fans who hope to see this franchise returning in all its former glory.

With the scope of modern AAA games and current development cycles, Crysis 4 is not expected to arrive before 2025 or 2026. However, if the IP’s history is anything to go by, it will not disappoint in the technical department at least.

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