Cooler Master has sent for Caliber R1 Review which they have launched. The gaming chair is available in 4 colors which are Purple, Red, Blue, and White. These chairs are designed with comfort and convenience in mind for long hours of sitting and gaming sessions.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 Gaming Chair Review

The design is ergonomic and the use of premium breathable PU fabric reduces the fatigue of long sitting sessions as well as provides maximum comfort. The headrest and lumbar pillows are included as well to reduce the strain on the neck and the back.

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Cooler Master Caliber R1 Specifications

Cooler Master Caliber R1 Specifications

Cooler Master Caliber R1 Packaging and Unboxing

The packing box is rather huge which is obvious as the chair is shipped disassembled. The packing box is made of the cardboard box.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 Packaging

There is a Cooler Master brand logo printed in the middle. An illustrative picture is printed on the right whereas the model of the chair is printed on the left. The weight of the shipping carton is 24 Kg.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 Packaging logo printed on the left side

There is a Cooler Master brand logo printed on the left side. The chair is made in china. The UPC and EAN info sticker is pasted on the right side.

Cooler Master Packaging

There are Cooler Master brand logos on both sides here. This is where the box is opened.

Cooler Master Unboxing

Opening the box will show a large sheet of Styrofoam covering the contents of the box.

Cooler Master Unboxing Base of the Chair

Removing the top sheet will show the base of the chair along with headrest and lumbar pillow. The side arms are also visible.

cooler master chair Backrest

Removing the first layer of the components will show the backrest nicely tucked inside.

cooler master chair seat and accessory box

Removing the backseat will show the seat and accessory box as well as the box of wheels and gas lift/cover.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Contents

Following is included:

  • 1x Base
  • 5x wheels
  • 1x Backrest
  • 1x Seat
  • 2x Arms
  • 1x Headrest pillow
  • 1x lumbar pillow
  • 1x Gas lift and cover
  • 1x Tilt Mechanism
  • 2x Backrest Covers
  • 2x Cover studs
  • 1x Universal tool
  • 12x M8x18mm bolts
  • 2x Philips Screws
  • 2x Flat Washers
  • 2x Lock Washers
  • 1x User Manual

Closer Look

Let’s start with taking a look at each component of the unit. I would emphasize the users to read the instructions manual or check the video beforehand.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Contents 5 star base

The 5-star base is molded and is finished in matte black color. Total diameter of the base is 72cm. The distance of floor to base is 35-43cm. the base has 5x legs. The ending of each leg has a ribbed surface to catch the feet. There is no footrest included in the box which is the case with the majority of the gaming chairs out there.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair ending portion of each leg

The ending portion of each leg has a hole on the base. This is where the casters/wheels are inserted into the base.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Contents tit machine

The tit machine is made of steel and is finished in the black color. Front is printed on one end with an arrow symbol. This side has to be facing the front side of the chair. There are 4x holes the corners. This is where the M8x18mm bolts are screwed in to secure the tilt machine to the seat.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Mechanism controller

There is a mechanism provided to control the tilt tension. By rotating the plastic made cover in specified direction will lose or tight the tilt.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Mechanism controller other side

The other side is a flat surface. This is the side which faces the seat.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair marking lock/unlock

The markings on the handle hint the user on how to lock/unlock the tilt. Similarly, the uplift down mechanism is printed.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair 5x wheels/casters

5x wheels/casters have been provided in the box. The wheel caps are finished in shiny black color. There is a silver color knob on the opposite side which goes into the base to connect the wheels to the base. This is a standard design.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair gas lift

The cooler Master has provided a gas lift with the cover. This caliber r1 review machine is used to provide hydraulic pressure to adjust the height of the chair. The chair’s height can be adjusted up to 8cm. The gas lift has a metallic construction and is powder-coated. It falls in Class 4 category. It supports weight up to 150 KG.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair side arms

The Cooler Master has bundled two arms or sidearms in the box. They are made of plastic and steel and are finished in matte black color. The top cover on the arms has an inset design with more length to them. This makes the design ergonomic as the gamer/user can rest his/her arms on these with utmost comfort.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair arm

The height of each arm can be adjusted for which there is a plastic hook on the outer side of each arm. Pulling it upwards will unlock the arm and allows the user to adjust the height according to the requirement. Releasing the puller will lock the arm.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair base of the arm

Looking at the base of the arm, we can spot two holes. This is where the provided M8x18mm bolts are passed through to secure the arms to the seat.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair neck pillow

Cooler Master has provided a neck pillow which is made of the same premium breathable PU material. The red color portions are designed in harmony with the overall design layout on the backrest as we will see shortly. The stitching is on the point.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Backside of the Neck Pillow

The backside of the neck pillow has a black color plain surface. There is a strap with a hook and a catcher.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Lumber Pillow

The second pillow included is lumbar. It supports the back of the gamer/user to avoid fatigue and strain during the longer session. It has a same color design though it is rounded on the edges.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Backside of the Lumber Pillow

The backside of the lumbar pillow is the same. It has two straps with hooks and catchers. The straps have elastic nature and have more length as it has run from the top to bottom of the backrest.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair 12 bolts

Cooler Master has provided 12 bolts M8x18mm along with 12x flat washers and 12x locking washers. These are mainly required to assemble the complete unit. No spare is provided so take care while handling and assembling the chair.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Side Covers

Cooler Master had provided two side covers. They are made of plastic and are finished in matte black color. They are put on the backrest after it is installed on the seat to hide the sides with bolts screwed in. This creates one flawless and seamless flow of the overall design by hiding the nitty-gritty.

It is time to take a look at two main components of the gaming chair which are seat and backrest. We will start with looking at the backrest.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Backrest

The height or length of the backrest is 83cm. Its width is 57cm. 57cm is the widest width from the outer edges of the backrest. The backrest is finished in a stylish design featuring two colors tone: matte black and red. The main section of the backrest facing the back of the sitter has meshed finish.

The Cooler Master brand’s logo is stitched on the top in a stylish manner. There are two cutouts on the top below the Cooler Master logo. They have plastic frames finished in a shiny black color. The belt of the neck pillow is passed through these cutouts to attach the pillow to the chair.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Sides of Backrest

Both sides of the backrest have identical design and layout. The stitching quality is top-notch. The edged portions are protruding in an angular manner forming a proper sitting support on the back.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Backrest edge on the top side

The edges on the top side have narrow width compared to the edges on the main section. They are in an angular fashion forming symmetry in the overall design.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Main Section texture

The main section is textured. It has stitching in three main sections on all four sides.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Folding base backrest

There is a nice folding at the base of the backrest. This folding is following the overall symmetry of the design.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Backside of the Backrest

Let’s take a look at the backside of the backrest. There is a plain black surface on the backside. Stitching can be seen at the bottom. There is a purple color sleeving on the top in the Cooler Master branding.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair left and right side of the backrest

The left and the right sides of the backrest are identical. There is a zip running on the entire length excluding the top raised portion of the backrest. There are two circular openings or cutouts near the bottom side. This is where the bolts are passed to secure the backrest to the seat’s frame.

Let’s take a look at the seat.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair seat

The seat has a width of 57cm with a depth of 52cm. Keep in mind that with the lumbar pillow the overall depth is reduced. The seat has a textured pattern on the entire length. The edges are resting at an angle in a raised manner. This will help with the right posture of the sitting. The stitching can be seen on the front side.

Cooler Master Gaming Chair Sloping down edges

The edges are sloping down towards the rear of the seat. There are two plastic frames on each side at the rear end. There are two metallic structures coming out from these frames. These metallic arms are where the backrest is installed.

cooler master chair Backside of the seat

Looking at the backside of the seat, we can guess the thickness of the seat as well as the symmetrical flow of the sides.

cooler master chair right side of the saet

The right side of the seat has a lever to control the reclining feature of the chair. The chair has a recline of 90~180°. This is not a free recline design. The user has to pull the lever and set the backrest in the desired recline state. As soon as the lever is released, it locks the backrest in that position.

Notice the hole in the middle of the plastic frame. This is where the plastic cover is attached to the backrest to hide the metallic arms connecting the backrest with the seat.

cooler master chair base of the seat

Looking at the base of the seat, we can see three green color stripes. There is a mid-plate with 4x holes on it. There are 2x holes towards the rear side. The tilt machine is secured to the base of the seat using 4x bolts.

We have highlighted holes to be used for the tilt machine in the red color rectangle. The blue color rectangle holes are where the side arms are to be installed.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling

Now that we have looked at each of the components of the gaming chair, it is time for a quick look at the assembling.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling Bolts

For each bolt, there are two different washers. The locking washer should be inserted first followed by the flat washer on the bolt.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling Wheels/Casters

Install the wheels/casters on the base. Press the tip of the wheel on the hole on each leg of the base. They should snuggle in.

Cooler Master Chair install gas lift machine on base

Install the gas lift machine on the base. Pass the main cylinder in the central hole of the base. Pass the plastic cover through the cylinder.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling tilt machine

Install the tilt machine to the base of the seat using 4x bolts. Use the universal tool provided in the accessories to tighten the bolts.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling Side arms

Install the side arms to the base of the seat using the 4x bolts. You can adjust the position of the side arms along the length to make them more or less widened as per your desired comfort level.

By now the seat has been set up on the base and you can actually sit on the seat. Now comes a bit tricky step which in installing the backrest on the seat. Place the backrest on the seat by aligning the holes on the sides of the backrest’s lower side to the holes on the metallic plates of the seat. Pass the bolts on all 4 holes on both sides to secure the backrest and start tightening them. This would install the backrest.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling place the plastic cover

In the last step, place the plastic covers on the lower sides of the backrest and secure them using the Philips screws.

Optionally, you can install the neck and pillow lumbers.

Here are some of the pictures of the assembled chair.

Cooler Master Chair Assembling Cooler Master Assembling Chair cooler master assembling chair

cooler master assembling chair right side

Cooler Master Chair Personal Experience

Right after assembling the Cooler Master Caliber R1 Gaming Chair I underwent the surgery of the femoral neck. I had to wait for 3 weeks before I was allowed to start resuming my life slowly. I was worried about sitting on the PC for the longer session as I had a pile of stuff to go through but Caliber R1 had it covered for me with utmost comfort and convenience.

It helped with my sitting and not only sitting but also with the right posture. The total ergonomic design is damn helpful. One community member reaches out to me as he is using this caliber r1 review chair for some time and he is complaining of the backseat bottom portion roughing out due to the lumbar pillow’s belt’s pressure.

Cooler Master Chair Personal Experience

My chair is in use over 50 days and I have not spotted any such observation yet. It may be too early for me to call that in but time will tell. Watching movies, playing games, doing my editorial stuff, I have never been that comfortable before.

This caliber r1 review chair is rated to tolerate 150~160 KG. The reclining is going from 90° up to 180° and is holding even in the extreme orientation. I have no complaint with this chair.


Gaming Chairs are more of the norm these days for any gaming setup/den and are considered as a must-have for that setup. The competition in the market is intense as there are multiple brands competing for your bucks. This is one particular product that might be hard to differentiate as more or less the gaming chairs bear the same design and core products.

The augmentations are coming from the selection of components, branding, and styling. Cooler Master has recently released their Gaming Chair named Caliber R1 which is available in 4 colors which are purple, red, blue, and white depending upon the region and their availability.

Cooler Master sent us their Red color for Caliber R1 review. The review is a bit late as I had femoral neck surgery but I am glad that I am making it back to my daily routine and completing this content.

The Cooler Master Caliber R1 Gaming Chair is made of premium components. The very ingredient is premium breathable PU leather which will give sweat-free longer sitting sessions without causing fatigue. The overall ergonomic design will help the gamer/user in a longer session of the activity.

The included neck and lumbar pillows will help to reduce the strain on the neck and back of the gamer/user. The total height of Caliber R1 is 136cm including the base. The backrest has a height of 83cm and a total width of 57cm. the seat of the Caliber R1 has a depth of 52cm with a width of 57cm. The distance between armset to armset is 72cm. The adjustability of armsets is 23-30cm.

The Cooler Master Caliber R1 Review has a 5-star base having a diameter of 72cm. Each leg of the base has a textured portion on the top side at the edge. There is a mounting hole on the underside of each leg to hold the caster/wheel.

The bundled gas lift is a Class 4 product finished in power coating black color. It gives the chair weight-bearing of up to 160KG. The casters allow the convenient movement of the chair though I have felt that they are not designed to be used on the mats/carpets and these surfaces offer more resistance to the movement. I have to exert more force to move the chair on the carpet than on the floor. This is an observation only not a complaint.

The neck and lumbar pillows are made of the same breathable PU material and they have straps with clips for easy installation. The height of the lumbar pillow can be adjusted on the backrest as per the user’s requirement and comfort and I appreciate this aspect. The straps are in black color to add a stealth look.

The backrest has beautiful red color stripes on the sides to add that kinda stunning look which is bold, aggressive yet beautiful. There is a Cooler Master brand logo on the top of the backrest to add Cooler Master touch there. The seat has a total black and plain surface except that of the seat itself which has a textured surface.

The Cooler Master has provided everything a user would need including a universal tool to screw the bolts and the screws. The user does not need anything for the assembling of the chair. The assembling of the chair is easy and I did not face any difficulty though this was my first time with any gaming chair and I happened to look at their instructional video afterward. My personal experience so far has been phenomenal and comfortable without any issue or complaint.

We are thankful to Cooler Master for giving us the opportunity to review their Caliber R1 Gaming Chair.

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cooler-master-caliber-r1-gaming-chair-reviewThe Cooler Master Caliber R1 Gaming Chair with its premium components, ergonomic design, comfort and convenience, and 1 year of warranty is among the viable options in the market and should be in your wish list should you be looking for a Gaming Chair.