PlayStation Head of Production Has Reportedly Left After 34 Years

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Connie Booth No Longer At PlayStation!


One of the PlayStation spokespersons has recently confirmed that Connie Booth has left Sony. Though the reasons are yet to be known, the rumors of her leaving were true at last.

Moreover, they thanked Connie for her contributions over the last three decades and wished her best wishes for future endeavors.

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Not too long ago, Jim Ryan announced his retirement, leaving Sony after nearly three decades. Following this loss, it appears the gaming giant has lost another valuable asset.

Recent reports claim that PlayStation’s Head of Production has joined Jim Ryan in leaving the company. According to David Jaffe, Connie Booth has ended her three-decade-long career at PlayStation.

Why it matters: If true, this would be a massive blow for the gaming giant. During her time, Connie Booth contributed to franchises like Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, and Spider-Man.

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Looking at the LinkedIn profile of Connie Booth, she has not announced her departure yet. Her last update pointed to her promotion to the Head of Internal Production at PlayStation.

However, this information comes from David Jaffer, who has previously worked with the gaming giant and may have some reliable sources. During a recent YouTube video, Jaffe said:

“She is no longer at Sony. When I heard the story, everyone was telling me she was fired.”

Though David Jaffer wasn’t 100% certain about the report, it is unfortunate to hear about another major departure for PlayStation. He also asserted that, in addition to Connie Booth, her team is no longer working at the company.

David Jaffe believes that this information marks the death of the Sony we grew up loving, though it should not impact future games too much.

Connie Booth
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The report also reveals that Angie Smets, the Development Strategy Head at PlayStation Studios, will replace Connie Booth. Therefore, all hope is not lost since the gaming giant already appears to have a replacement in mind.

Nonetheless, the report means that Connie Booth is just one of the many employees to have left the company recently. The gaming giant has shut down PixelOpus this year, and teams like Visual Arts and Naughty Dog have faced layoffs throughout 2023.

We believe layoffs are never good for the industry, and it is disappointing to see PlayStation lose an industry veteran after many years. Several developers were also laid off last week, possibly suggesting management issues for Sony and its development teams.

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