Colorful Releases CVN B760I Motherboard Tailored To Intel 14th Gen

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Cooling And Style Packed In Compact Form Factor!

[Press Release] Intel has unveiled its latest generation of processors. The 14th Gen Intel Core chips aim for higher clock speeds, pushing past the limitations of last-generation processors.

This has also led to the demand for new motherboards that can keep up with these chips, and Colorful has met these demands with the CVN B760I Frozen D5 min-ITX motherboard.

CVN B760I Frozen D5 min-ITX

With a frosted glass VRM armor, the latest motherboard boasts a revamped design that provides unparalleled cooling. Equipped with a PWM 30mm fan, this VRM armor ensures the best Intel chips are cooled effectively while delivering maximum performance.

Like other LGA 1700 motherboards, the Colorful CVN B760I can be used with 12th and 13th Gen Intel processors. This makes it perfect for users looking to build a lower-end PC with upgrades in mind for the future.

Colorful has also included support for up to 96GB DDR5 memory. Compatible with RAM speeds up to 8000MHz, this motherboard has PC gamers covered in the memory department.

Other notable features include dual high-speed PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, WiFi connectivity, and a compact 170mm x 170mm form factor for mini-ITX builds. This makes the Colorful CVN B760I perfect for users looking to transition to 14th Gen Intel processors.

If this sounds exciting, the motherboard is available through authorized resellers in Q4 2023, and you can find out more by contacting your Colorful representative.

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