Borderlands 4 Teased By Gearbox; Reveal Expected Next Month

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  • Borderlands 4 has been hinted at by Randy Pitchford.
  • He claims that the game is shaping up to be the studio’s best project.
  • According to recent speculation, the game could be revealed next month.

The Borderlands franchise has returned to the spotlight after Gearbox Entertainment debuted a teaser for the upcoming film. Meanwhile, Borderlands 4 has been a popular discussion since 2023.

This game was first spotted on a developer’s profile last year, and Gearbox Entertainment has just added more fuel to the fire. Speaking to IGN, founder Randy Pitchford dropped a major hint, pointing to a nearing reveal for Borderlands 4.

Why it matters: The Borderlands series has a name for itself as a looter shooter, combining exciting narratives with a distinct humor that makes it appealing to millions worldwide.

Borderlands 3 Sold Over 18 Million Units

When asked about his favorite work from the series, Randy Pitchford was direct and stated that such a project had not been announced yet. 

We’re working on something.

-Gearbox Founder Randy Pitchford

He stated that the game would be revealed in due time, but it is shaping up to be this team’s best work yet. However, eagle-eyed fans on social media may have already figured out when the reveal is happening.

A popular theory on Reddit suggests that Borderlands 4 could be announced in March. Gearbox Entertainment’s official Twitter account has recently posted recap tweets exactly one week apart, going over the various games.

Fans speculate that the fourth entry will be revealed on March 19 if this pattern stays consistent. This date would land the announcement at PAX East, an event that hosted the Borderlands 3 announcement in the past.

Theory- I think a BL4 announcement is coming sooner rather than later.
byu/Dependent-Cheek7109 inBorderlands

The last major releases for this IP came in 2022. In addition to the well-received Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Gearbox released the narrative-adventure New Tales From The Borderlands in the same year.

However, these projects were spin-offs, with 2024 marking nearly five years since the last mainline release.

Overall, excitement is high for Borderlands 4. Randy Pitchford appears quite excited about the nearing reveal, echoing a similar sentiment as the worldwide fanbase.

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