Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Still Triumphs Over Other Gaming DLCs

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Story Highlight
  • Blood and Wine offers the mystery of the Beast of Beauclair, political drama, and tough choices with lasting consequences.
  • It introduces a new explorable area, Toussaint – a vibrant land untouched by war, featuring beautiful landscapes, vineyards, and a grand capital city.
  • The DLC offers a shorter but impactful story arc with exceptional quality, rivaling the main game’s narrative.

Let’s be honest; DLCs can be a gamble. Sometimes, they add meaningful content that expands the core experience. Other times, they feel like a cynical cash grab, offering recycled assets and a forgettable story.

However, there’s one DLC that continues to stand out as a shining example of what post-launch content can achieve: The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. Blood and Wine isn’t just a DLC; it’s a masterpiece in its own right.

As a massive fan of The Witcher 3 universe, I believe Blood and Wine transcends the boundaries set by the main game itself.

Why it matters: With over 50 million sales worldwide, The Witcher 3 established a new benchmark for open-world RPGs. Following the base game, The Witcher 3 introduced two of the best gaming DLCs I have ever played.

Toussaint’s Enchanting Landscape

Released in 2016, Blood and Wine took Geralt of Rivia to the vibrant land of Toussaint, a duchy untouched by the war and devastation plaguing the rest of the Northern Kingdoms.

The beautiful duchy of Toussaint showcases the game’s incredible art and design. Its rolling hills, vineyards, and stunning buildings stand in stark contrast to Velen’s lifeless landscapes.

From sunny vineyards to vast countryside and the grand city of Beauclair, every spot has its own charm and beckons exploration. Furthermore, it’s not just a bland map with tedious tasks. The world is alive, offering engaging side quests, creature hunts, and rich character interactions.

This idyllic setting might lull you into a false sense of security because beneath the surface lurks a sinister secret โ€“ a monstrous entity known as the Beast of Beauclair is terrorizing the land.

Nonetheless, the artists at CD Projekt Red certainly went above and beyond, creating a landscape that looks like it’s straight out of a Renaissance masterpiece. The vivid colors, the breathtaking architecture, and the careful attention to every little detail make for an immersive experience that’s hard to beat in most DLCs.

Blood and Wine Toussant
The vibrant landscapes of Toussaint provide players with a visually stunning backdrop to explore.

A Tale of Royal Drama

Although Hearts of Stone – the other DLC – is often praised for its story, Blood and Wine’s plot is just as gripping.

Geralt’s journey to uncover the truth behind the Beast of Beauclair amid Toussaint’s high society is packed with suspense, betrayal, and tough choices. I had a satisfying end to the whole Witcher 3 experience, thanks to this DLC’s various paths and endings.

In the main quest, Geralt gets caught up in Toussaint’s political drama as he is assigned to reveal the true identity of the Beast of Beauclair. The storyline is expertly crafted and full of surprises that keep you guessing until the end.

Playing the DLC, I found myself embroiled in a story that’s both thrilling and deeply emotional. With its blend of mystery, romance, and adventure, the narrative kept me engaged from beginning to end.

This emphasis on a central mystery brings back the essence of The Witcher series, reminiscent of the investigative element of the first game. Moreover, Geralt’s showdown with Dettlaff in Blood and Wine marks a powerful end to his journey.

The fascinating boss battle challenges players’ fighting skills while hitting hard emotionally with its tragic outcome. Therefore, the conclusion is quite satisfying.

Blood and Wine Narrative
The Blood and Wine DLC offers a fascinating storyline.

New Mutation System

Blood and Wine brings a fresh mutation system for Geralt, letting players fine-tune their combat approach. This adds depth and replay value to the already impressive combat mechanics.

Do you favor strong attacks? Consider ‘Deadly Counter’ for extra damage and potential finishers. More of a sign user? ‘Piercing Cold’ offers a variation on Aard that can freeze enemies.

Combined with the new gear and weapons scattered across Toussaint, Geralt is geared up for whatever comes his way. I haven’t seen any other DLC add new game mechanics except for Cyberpunk’s Phantom Liberty expansion, which CD Projekt Red also developed.

Witcher 3 Mutation System
Blood and Wine introduced a new mutation system in The Witcher 3.

Unmatched Quality

Blood and Wine might not be the longest DLC on the market, but its quality far surpasses its competitors in terms of content and narrative depth. It offers a self-contained story arc that feels as impactful as the base game’s main narrative while introducing a stunning new world brimming with secrets to uncover.

Even after clocking in dozens of hours exploring Toussaint, players will likely discover something new on subsequent playthroughs.

This level of replayability, coupled with the exceptional quality of the content, makes Blood and Wine a true standout among other DLCs/expansions.

Regardless, the future is looking bright for The Witcher franchise. CDPR recently confirmed that The Witcher 4 would not repeat what was already done, so players can expect another fresh adventure.

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