Leaked Bethesda Licensed Game Based On Disney IP, Claims Insider

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Potentially Working On Star Wars or Marvel IP!

Bethesda Softworks’ plans for the foreseeable future were leaked last week after a massive list of documents from Microsoft showed up all over the internet. The publisher’s plans include new entries like Dishonored 3 and remasters like Fallout 3.

However, the plans also contained other unannounced games, including a licensed IP planned much later than the rest of the lineup. While this licensed IP remains a mystery, an insider claims it involves a partnership with Disney.

Why it matters: Disney is home to massive IPs like Star Wars and a number of properties from Marvel Comics. Therefore, this leak points to several exciting possibilities for the supposed Bethesda game.

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While discussing the documents on the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast, Nick Baker claimed that he had learned some information about the recent leaks. The leaker asked his sources and was able to learn that the licensed IP belongs to Disney.

He said:

“I’ve heard that licensed IP game is under the Disney banner.”

Nick Baker further pointed out that this was all he was allowed to share, hinting that he was already aware of the particular IP from Disney. Nonetheless, the leak has led to speculations about a potential Star Wars game from one of Bethesda Softworks’ many studios.

Disney has been very open about collaborations in the gaming industry recently. This includes partnerships with studios like Ubisoft, Quantic Dream, and more for the Star Wars franchise. Therefore, it is possible that a similar deal was made for Star Wars.

The company has also taken a similar approach to its comic book characters, working with studios like Insomniac Games, Square Enix, and EA for several gaming adaptations of popular comic book IPs.

Since superhero games are more popular than ever, Disney may have approached Bethesda Softworks for a similar game.

An earlier report also suggested Roundhouse Studios was working on a third-person shooter based on a comic license under Bethesda Softworks. Therefore, the rumored game may be an ambitious online project based on a Marvel property.

Apart from the unannounced licensed title, Bethesda Softworks’ MachineGames and Bethesda Game Studios are currently working on Indiana Jones. Veteran developer Todd Howard is involved in the project and has recently hinted at more information for 2024.

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