Ben 10 Deserves Its Own AAA Superhero Game

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A Ben 10 game with the freedom to use several different aliens from the omnitrix possessing unique powers can set new records in the superhero genre of video games.

Story Highlights
  • A Ben 10 game with a high budget can be a massive success due to its popularity among the audience.
  • To be able to play as numerous aliens from The Omnitrix and use their extraordinary powers on an open-world map will take the superhero video game genre to new heights.
  • The game’s story can also be a masterpiece, considering that the TV also had some pretty cinematic moments.

Over the years, we have seen some great superhero games based on comic books, indie studios, and mainstream franchises. Even the under-delivering games are often worth playing if they are based on a beloved franchise solely because they have our favorite superheroes in them.

In today’s gaming world, players can now get control of unique and improved superpowers in video games due to technological advancements, and its perfect example is the web-swinging mechanics in Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spiderman. 

One superhero franchise also deserves to take advantage of these technological developments in video games: Ben 10.

Ben 10 has been a fan-favorite TV show since its release. All the cool aliens Ben could transform into grabbed every kid’s attention. However, the show’s popularity has considerably decreased due to reboots and changed themes.

Ben 10 Reboot
Latest Ben 10 Reboot (Image By Wallpaper Cave)

Despite that, millions of OG Ben 10 fans would love to get an AAA Ben 10 game based on the series’ classic alien force, ultimate alien, or omniverse iteration.

Strong Concept For A Video Game

There have been a few Ben 10 games on the console in the past that were well-received by the fans. This indicates that a new Ben 10 game developed using current-gen technology can do wonders.

The concept behind Ben 10 alone is enough reason the franchise deserves an AAA game. The show features dozens of aliens, each with unique powers. Having a game with even some of those would be a banger. The best setup for the game would be an open-world environment.

A linear story setup can also work where we could unlock different aliens as we progress through the story, but think about the possibilities in the open world. Imagine running through the city at high speed with XLR8 or jumping long distances like Hulk with Four Arms.

The freedom to switch to our favorite alien and free-roam using them makes the open-world setup a better option for this type of game.

The best part of the game will be using the different types of unique alien powers. Using today’s technology, accurately developing each alien’s power wouldn’t be hard. Only a few aliens, like Alien X, Way Big, and Grey Matter, may be complex to program(if they were to be included) because of their powers.

YouTube video

It sounds impossible to imagine all these aliens in a single game. Still, if it happens someday and the developers nail it, the game will quickly sell millions of copies and be one of the best superhero games ever made.

The gameplay and the storyline can contribute to the game’s success. The TV show has had great stories; almost every iteration has brought well-written, decent stories that kids and adults can enjoy.

Great Storytelling Opportunities

The classic version of the show had a light-toned story, but it also got dark where it needed to be. By doing that, it found the perfect balance of mature and kid-friendly content. The later iterations, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien had darker tones and more profound stories with long-term storytelling. All the iterations had great villains and side characters.

A Dark Episode In Ben 10
A Dark Episode In Ben 10 (Image By YT/Ben 10 UAF)

The classic one included the likes of Vilgax, Kevin Eleven, and the Forever Knights, while the later iterations DN Aliens, Albedo, and Dragon(Vilgax’s upgraded version).

As all of the characters and the show itself is well known, all they need to do is make a game out of it and make some changes to the original script, or they can make another reboot while retaining the original theme of the show to give the fans the excellent reboot they deserve, not the crappy children how they got in the name of the latest iteration of the series.

The best way to tell the story is to base the game on the classic series and include all ten original aliens.

A triple-A Ben 10 game has so much potential. The concept behind the show is perfect for a video game. As nostalgia always sells, this would be a great way to determine whether the franchise is still in demand. If it succeeds, they can make sequels based on the later iterations.

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