The Assassin’s Creed Unity remained a distinguished hit in the gaming industry for years. An adventure that compasses, time molding components of thrilling action, weaving history on an inflexible and the convincing sci-fi system, outlining the endless non-stop fighting between the Assassins and the Knights Templar. Assassins Creed Unity is a major game by Ubisoft.

Assassins Creed Unity Review

Making a huge leap not only in terms of eye catching visuals, but also in more intense and deep gameplay. A question comes is Assassin Creed Unity is good enough to compete with diverse ocean journeys of Assassins Creed: Black Flag or the Wildish touch-up of Assassins Creed III. Let us give a glance to our review, we have tried our best to bring you every aspect of game in depth.


Assassins Creed Unity’s story is as much a transitioning story as it is a clearing sentiment situated in a setting of Paris moderate plunge into a frenzy. Adolescent Arno Dorian witnessed his father dying and same day met the ♥ love of his life, Elise. Espoused by Elise’s family, Arno is a pleasant, sly steady kid who is on the way into the Brotherhood of Assassins surfing over the tides of love and revolutionary thinking.

All this drama is splendidly voice-acted, despite the fact that a number of the characters have sharp and strong English vocal tones. Arno very much resembles to young Ezio from Assassins Creed II and Brotherhood.

There’s nothing more new in Assassin Creed but the same old story matching old Assassins Creed. Indeed, as Arno goes up through the ranks of Assassins, feels like the story is pretty much same. Yes, there is some romantic stuff between the Arno and Elise also some dramatic phenomenon will lead you to get a clearer image of Arno’s personality.

Now moving towards excited part of the story which is observing the increasing cast differences in Paris, on one hand there are the high standard inhabitants of Paris with their wealth and luxuries increasing rapidly while on the other hand depressed low standard workers and peasants. Ubisoft has rendered Paris in such astounding subtle element, it will surely teleport your thoughts in the medieval of Paris revolution.

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Gameplay and Graphical elements:

The Assassins Creed Unity solidarity feels like a different Assassins Creed doctrine with same combat ways and free running the heart of the game. We can see a significant overhaul in the free running component of Assassins Creed Unity. Notwithstanding a couple of glitches, Arno simply appears to stream over the nature’s domain as he leaps over edges, runs crosswise over housetops and does slight wall rushes to get the adjoining hand holds.

It’s simply unfathomable. Included another gimmick now you can free rundown. The Stealth segment of the game is much irritating, as you can only hide away in selected territories and can crouch through.

The fight and combat framework is improved a great deal, yet glitches influenced it all that much. There were times we couldn’t advise when we should repel and there were times where it feels like hits were simply not interfacing. Add to that glitches like enemies cutting into your character and all seems to be messed up.

A Couple of time sword moving towards the wrong direction not on enemies but in the air. Patch 4 has repaired issues yet there are a couple of glitches for PC users using multi GPU setup.

Assassins Creed Unity does not split as far from the typical Assassin’s Creed missions. Regardless you take over targets, very much popular eavesdrop, chasing and assassinations. A good addition to the game is solving the riddles and mysteries behind the murders.

In any case, to be reasonable the, game does provide for you a ton more opportunity on how you can go about your mission. Prior there were simply outer structures you can cross, however, in Assassins Creed Unity you can enter certain buildings through open windows.

Well moving towards visual quality the medieval revolution era of Paris looks life like. You can see many top wonders of Paris i.e: Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Buildings are very much detailed, each and every minute detail is well furnished. Interior of buildings just looks wow, furniture and paintings will make you feel as if you are really wandering in the game, reflecting a natural french style centuries ago as it should be.

Major characters bear excellent facial characters also their clothes are feasting for the eyes. Specially the hair quality, but their is something a hair glitch, and a zombie glitch which will ruin the Arno and Elise kissing scene you will feel as aliens are hugging each other, that’s quite creepy. For few the patches have done very good still meh, many problems still exist.

Performance of Assassins Creed Unity with PC and Consoles

The performance on consoles at the time of release was extremely poor, unplayable frame rate even on 900p as the current Gen consoles have bent their knees in front of this game. Patches and updates now made it possible to enjoy the whole of Assassins Creed Unity.

Moving towards PC hardware games struggle with AMD Hardware that’s what Ubisoft said. While if you have NVIDIA GPU under the hood still u need a hefty monster to run this game, something like the GTX 680 and above for ultra settings using no Anti-Aliasing getting just 30ish fps.


The Graphics and story + concept of the game is amazing, yet bugs and glitches have turned down the reputation of Assassins Creed Unity. It made a lot of hype and fame before release, but all ruined because of broken game on which Ubisoft agrees too.

While neglecting all the glitches and noticing the concepts and visuals will tend you to say wow least. Let’s hope for a new upcoming Assassins Creed Victory to be a bug and glitch less with better optimization without gigantic loads of patches.


We have provided what we thought about the game. Let us know your thoughts too, by giving a suitable rating to the game via user rating option available below.

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