Assassin’s Creed Japan Expected To Skip Steam At Launch

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Ubisoft Sticking To its Own PC Launcher!

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  • Assassin’s Creed Shadows is set to launch on November 15, 2024.
  • Ubisoft appears to be skipping a Steam release for this highly-anticipated title.
  • The publisher has done the same for other high-profile releases, including Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Skull and Bones, and more.

Ubisoft finally broke its silence on the Japanese Assassin’s Creed entry yesterday. The studio confirmed a new title and the first world premiere, promising exciting details on Assassin’s Creed Shadows tomorrow.

Ahead of the release, there seems to be a lot of potential in this project, with leaks pointing to a complete graphical overhaul and the use of historical figures like Yasuke. However, a report reveals bad news for PC gamers.

It seems Ubisoft has decided to skip Steam for Assassin’s Creed Shadows.

Why it matters: The PC fandom prefers Steam over any other launcher for multiple reasons.

Assassin's Creed Codename Red Set In Japan
Assassin’s Creed Shadows Will Feature A Male Samurai And A Female Shinobi

HazzadorGaming, a reliable gaming news account, has revealed on Twitter that he has received information regarding this release. He reveals that the game won’t be released on Steam, just like Star Wars Outlaws.

While the user hasn’t disclosed his sources, this information is most likely accurate, as Ubisoft has stopped releasing games on Steam for a while now. Last year’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage is still nowhere to be found on the platform.

The game not having a Steam release could hurt sales on the PC platform. Steam boasts over 34 million concurrent users, making this a massive audience to miss out on.

PC gamers also typically like to stay away from multiple launchers. Therefore, it would be in Ubisoft’s best interests to consider releasing its catalog on Steam again.

Assassin's Creed Red Japan Yasuke
Assassin’s Creed Shadows Marks A Return To The RPG Format

Assassin’s Creed Shadows officially arrives on November 15, and Ubisoft has kicked off the marketing earlier than expected. While fans remain excited for both Star Wars Outlaws and this Assassin’s Creed entry, Ubisoft’s decision to skip Steam has killed the buzz for some.

Over on Twitter, various users have claimed that they will simply not buy the game if it skips Steam.

However, there is a saving grace. Like other Ubisoft releases, Assassin’s Creed Shadows will launch as part of Ubisoft Plus, a subscription service priced at less than $20/month.

Users looking to play the game without spending $70 can just resort to this subscription, with the Ubisoft launcher becoming a fair trade-off in this instance since the price is so much lower than the retail release.

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