Apple Won’t Reduce iPhone 15 Performance To Fix Overheating

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Blames Bugs For The Problem!

After using the latest iPhone by Apple, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users are facing overheating issues. The owners of these flagship iPhones claim that they eventually became too hot to use or touch.

Many people believed this was because of the low power efficiency of the A17 Pro. This latest chip is extremely capable, enabling the iPhone to deliver handheld gaming and allowing Apple to boast about its capabilities as a gaming console.

With such advantages, many have been disappointed with the poor thermal management of the new iPhones so far. Fortunately, Forbes reports that Apple has decided to fix this overheating issue in the next update, which is a part of iOS 17.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Gaming

Apple has clarified that this overheating issue on its iPhones is not a safety risk, but it might degrade the battery a lot faster than usual.

The A17 pro SoC consumes more power than the previous SoCs, so it can maintain its high performance. Although this likely plays a part in the higher temperatures, Apple believes it is not the main culprit.

Instead, Apple points to bugs and potential third-party apps. It also claims that users should remain calm if their device is hotter than usual during the first few days after the initial setup, as this is normal.

The good news for iPhone 15 users is that Apple does not intend to limit performance in any way to address these issues. This is likely because the SoC is not the biggest contributor to this problem.

Therefore, the next iOS 17.1 update will not alter the capabilities of the A17 Pro chip. Apart from third-party apps, Apple has also pointed to higher-wattage USB-C chargers as potential causes of temporary temperature spikes.

Understandably, Apple does not want to hold the A17 Pro back or limit it to less than its full potential. This new processor is key to the phone’s headlining gaming capabilities, allowing it to run titles like Resident Evil 4 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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