Alone in the Dark series first came to life in 1992 by Atari SA. The game is based on the classical horror-survival genre. While the fans didn’t quite well receive the latest iteration of the game that launched in 2015, the series, in general, has a decent fan base.

THQ Nordic acquired the IP in 2018, and it is expected that THQ Nordic, during the digital showcase planned for August 12, will reveal the new Alone in the Dark game.

Interestingly, just before the digital showcase, we already have our first look at the game. A user on ResetEra shared the game’s cover art, some gameplay screenshots, and plot details of the new Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the Dark Screenshots:

The screenshots of the game show the environment of the game. It looks quite different from its 2015 predecessor in graphics and setting. We get our first look at some gloomy haunted streets, along with a look at the monsters and enemies that will potentially be in the game.

Alone in the Dark Story Details:

According to the leaked details, the description of the game reads:

‘Explore Derceto’s mansion in this revamp of Alone In The Dark, a true love letter to the 90s horror classic,’ while mentioning that it takes place in 1920s Louisiana and stars two protagonists: Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood.

Some more plot details about the game include:

  • Explore Derceto’s mansion in this revisit of Alone in the Dark, a true love letter to the 90s horror classic.‎
  • Go back to the roots of psychological horror and experience an atmospheric adventure worthy of the game that founded the genre.‎
  • Immerse yourself in a world punctuated by sounds that will give you goosebumps against a backdrop of doom jazz as memorable as it is hypnotic.‎
  • Feel the adrenaline as you desperately try to survive a world where reality is beginning to crumble, evil lurks in every shadow, and ammunition is scarce.‎
  • Experience this nightmare from the perspective of Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby and unearth the dark secrets of a Gothic mansion.‎
  • Go beyond imagination through a complex psychological story written by cult screenwriter Mikael Hedberg, author of SOMA and Amnesia.‎

Alone in The Dark Platforms Box Art:

The cover arts of the game show that it will launch on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Though currently, it is unclear whether it will launch on older consoles as well, according to the cover, it seems next-gen only.

Let’s hope that game indeed proves to be a love letter to the fans of 90s classic horror fans. We will keep you updated about more stuff once the game is official.

Are you a fan of the Alone in the Dark series? Let us know in the comments.

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