A Hitman TV Series Would Be A Pleasure To Watch

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The sophisticated theme, twisting turns in the story and cold blooded action in Hitman would be perfect for a TV series.

Story Highlights
  • A Hitman TV series can succeed due to its theme and well-developed characters.
  • The game’s setup is perfect for a TV show, as it has a similar format based on episodes. 
  • The only thing that should be heavily considered for such a TV show is the direction.

Video games turning into movies or TV shows has rarely been received well by the fans. It’s unlikely to be good whenever a movie or show is announced based on a video game.

This is a fact; however, we sometimes see the opposite outcome. Take the newly released Fallout TV series, for example. In my opinion, there’s one more game likely to succeed as a TV show, and that’s none other than the Hitman series.

Hitman Home Screen
Hitman Home Screen (Image By Nolan Kroeker On Medium)

One of the biggest reasons movies or shows based on video games fail is the genre of the game. For example, if there were a GTA movie, the chances for its success would be too low. That’s because a GTA movie would be an action-packed crime thriller.

We have hundreds of movies in that genre, and they also have good stories, which leaves no room for an action video game-turned-movie to thrive. However, the Hitman franchise is free of that issue.

The Hitman games have always had a different vibe. A bald, cold-blooded agent kills the members of the evil elite secret societies for money in a highly sophisticated manner. That’s not all about the game; the main story, which revolves around Agent 47, is also quite interesting, especially in the latest Hitman video game trilogy.

A Cutscene In Hitman
A Cutscene In Hitman (Image By Nolan Kroeker On Medium)

Many movies have been based on Hitmen throughout the years, but none has had a setup as good-looking as the Hitman franchise. The game already looks like a TV series, as each part of the latest trilogy represents a season, and each mission represents an episode.

The story also progresses in a way similar to a TV series. The main story gets dragged until the third season and ends satisfyingly. There needed to be some improvements in the story’s execution towards the end, but overall, they did a pretty decent job.

Suppose the same setup were to be brought to a TV show. In that case, they would need to develop a new story relevant to the genre with an equally good, if not better, direction than the game and replace the gameplay aspect with some spy/contract killer/stealthy assassin type of action.

Now, you would probably think there already have been two hitman movies, both were bad and flopped. Why bring Hitman back to TV? The thing is, those weren’t bad movies; those were just bad “Hitman movies.”

Video game movies or shows often fail because the directors fail to capture the essence of the game, which is essential for the franchise’s fans.

Some Low Rated Reviews On The 2016 Assassin's Creed Movie
Some Low-Rated IMDB Reviews On The 2016 Assassin’s Creed Movie (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Whenever a video game becomes a movie, fans compare the movie with the game, and if the movie isn’t on par with its source in terms of originality or the main theme, it gets smashed by criticism. This is why I said above that the series needs a good direction. Moreover, there’s a difference between movies and TV shows. 

A movie is 2-3 hours long and concludes the main story in the end while giving some teasers for the sequels(if planned). On the other hand, a TV show has multiple seasons, and each season is at least 6 hours long divided by numerous episodes, which is the perfect setup for a game like Hitman.

This claim is based on the fact that the game’s missions take an average player around 45 minutes to complete. When converted into live-action scenes, that gameplay content would be around 20-25 minutes.

The rest of the 20-25 minutes (or even more, depending on how long an episode is) can be allocated to scenes progressing the story. This way, we can get a good balance of action and story in the series, which is exactly what a Hitman TV series needs to thrive.

A Hitman TV show can be a great idea, considering that the video game series is unlikely to receive another sequel.

A TV show setup is more likely to succeed for the franchise than a series of movies, and it can serve the fans with some badass, cold-blooded hitman action in the absence of the highly beloved assassin game.

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