Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Crytek Has Removed Denuvo From Virtual Reality Game, The Climb

According to various reports on the forums, Crytek removed denuvo from its first Virtual Reality game, The Climb, exclusively available for Oculus Rift. Equal...
Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 – Virtual Reality Mode will be exclusive to PlayStation VR for...

Capcom and Sony today announced that support for Virtual Reality in Resident Evil 7 will be exclusive to Playstation VR during its first year...
Jesus VR

Jesus VR: The story of Christ, first full length Virtual Reality Movie

Under the name of Jesus VR: The story of Christ, we are facing the first film recorded at 360 degrees, which is scheduled to be...

Destinations: Valve launches a free software to create a Virtual Reality Environment

It's looking good that, how companies and developers are betting on the virtual reality, presenting devices, softwares and games in which the role of this...

The Lab: The First Valve Game For Virtual Reality Glasses

Game Developers Conference 2016  is just around the corner and Valve announced its first game / technology demo designed for virtual reality glasses, we are...

Teslasuit: Virtual Reality Suit Is Now Available For Pre-Order

No doubt 2016 will be the year of the Virtual Reality, and today we have a new product for this, talking about Tactile Skin...

Elite: Dangerous – System Requirements to Run on Virtual Reality Glasses

Frontier Studio has published the system requirements of Elite: Dangerous using virtual reality glasses. As you might expect, the minimum configuration in this case...

Eagle Flight: Ubisoft’s First Virtual Reality Game

Ubisoft at PSX 2015 announced the Eagle Flight, its first title developed exclusively for use with virtual reality glasses (PlayStation VR and also for Oculus...

NVIDIA recommends a GTX 980 or GTX 980 Ti for Virtual Reality Glasses

NVIDIA shed light on the requirements which will be required to run a game on a pair of Virtual Reality Glasses, and these requirements are...
HP Zvr Virtual Reality Monitor To Be Unveiled by HP

HP Zvr Virtual Reality Monitor To Be Unveiled by HP

Are you a big fan of 3D. If yes, then HP has a masterpiece for you. The organization affirmed the promising new arrival of the...
Roto VR Gaming Chair

Roto VR Gaming Chair Focused on Virtual Reality

The company Roto announced the launch of its new gaming chair focused on virtual reality. The new VR series gaming chair comes at a high price, but...
Half Life 3

Half Life 3 would arrive in 2018 with full support for Virtual Reality

The Valve has been among some of the most important names in regard to the world of gaming technology. The company has been innovating...




Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4 to Launch on PC in Q3 2021...

During the Age of Empires “Fan Preview” event, Microsoft and developer studios Relic Entertainment and World's Edge announced that the long-awaited fourth installment Age...