You Might Want To Stop Making Fun Of Apple When It Comes To Gaming

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Is Apple Finally About to Disrupt the Gaming Market?

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  • Apple Silicon offers far better compatibility and performance in games.
  • The Game Porting Toolkit makes it easier for developers to port their games.
  • Apple’s optimization magic helps deliver excellent power efficiency and fluidity.

The moment Apple launched MacBooks with its proprietary chipsets, named M1, they got the limelight yet again. With the shift from Intel chipsets to its silicon, Apple opened gates for MacBook users to run games with better compatibility and performance. As such, Apple seems to be more focused than ever on being recognized as one of the best places to play games. 

Furthermore, Apple is making strides on its software side to optimize it as much as possible for games, which is also applaudable. Without such software support, one can’t extract the full power of Apple chipsets, be it the M-series MacBooks and iPads or A-series iPhones. 

What Actually is Apple Silicon?

Apple Silicon is the custom-designed processor that they are using in the recent MacBooks and iPads. Ditching the Intel chips and replacing them with its own Silicon plan worked, and Apple managed to gather a much wider audience than before. Also, this custom-designed processor allowed Apple to make it fit their tastes, which made it easier to say that the new MacBooks can play games, too.

Apple M3
                                                                     (Apple M3 Silicon)

Not to mention, using this custom Silicon, Apple made its MacBooks the most power-efficient laptops on the market, providing remarkable battery backup even during heavy workloads. 

Can It Transform the Gaming Industry?

Apple Silicon has the potential to transform the gaming industry in numerous ways, one of the most notable being people’s perceptions of mobile gaming. Imagine console-level games running on your A-series iPhones. That’s what Apple has achieved by bringing games like Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding to its iPhone devices. What I think is that with their high performance and efficiency capabilities, Apple’s Silicon-powered devices, mainly the M-series MacBooks and iPads, can deliver seamless and extended gaming sessions without worrying about battery life. 

Moreover, the Unified Memory Architecture is yet another way that Apple Silicon can transform the gaming industry. This architecture helps eliminate the latency between the devices by quite a bit because the CPU, GPU, and other components share the same memory pool. More or less like how a console works, you could say, as consoles follow the same approach, too. 

Cross-platform compatibility is another plus point that can help shape the industry. The infamous Apple ecosystem allows us to play and continue our games across all compatible devices since they use the same software and proprietary Silicon. 

Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit

Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit is a game changer for Apple, which they unveiled during the WWDC event. The toolkit creates an emulated environment through which game developers can run Windows versions of their games directly on M-series MacBooks. Moreover, this toolkit also has a Metal Shader Converter that automatically converts all the necessary shaders to Metal. 

Apple WWDC event
                                                                 (Image Credit: Apple)

The integration of Apple’s Metal graphics API and DirectX 12 Emulation into the Toolkit would also help the developers find issues and fix them before finally releasing the game’s macOS version. 

Notably, not only developers but also users can use this toolkit to run Windows versions of their games directly on their Macs without engaging themselves in any kind of work. Do bear in mind that the performance and compatibility aren’t going to be as good as the native macOS version of the game. This can be confirmed by the comparison video that Linus from LTT uploaded on his YouTube channel. 

Many big developers appear to be more excited than they ever were to port their games for macOS, all thanks to the efforts made by Apple in its hardware and software departments. Companies like Capcom and famous game creators such as Hideo Kojima have already begun porting their games to Apple devices. 

Further Steps Towards Game Fluidity & Compatibility

With the ongoing efforts by Apple to bring famous titles to its devices, Apple has made a Game Mode exclusively for MacBooks that are rocking the macOS Sonoma update.  This new Game Mode offers in-game performance enhancements to make the games feel more fluid, as it prioritizes the game over other background processes while also conserving an excellent battery backup. 

Moreover, it also made notable changes in the wireless connectivity department; the Game Mode, when enabled, drastically reduces latency when you’re gaming using wireless headphones or AirPods. As well as maximizing the Bluetooth sampling rate for PS and Xbox controllers.

No More Jokes?

With Apple taking the initiative of bringing games to Mac seriously, we can no longer laugh at them. I’m curious about how far Apple can push this and how quickly other high-profile developers will realize the gaming potential of M-series chipsets. One thing is certain for sure, Apple isn’t going to back off from here and will keep creating tools to aid game porting.

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