Xbox has been well known for their home consoles over the last few years. The brand has built its reputation as Sony’s main rival in the console competition. While Xbox has been able to achieve a lot over the last two generations, the brand has never tried its luck with a portable console.

With the continued success of the Nintendo Switch, many have wondered why Sony and Microsoft haven’t tried their hand at a portable console recently. The Steam Deck was also released recently and has quickly become Valve’s best product.

It seems like Microsoft may have caught on and a portable console from the gaming giant could be in the works. 

A recent tweet from @TomWarren mentioned the Steam Deck. Tom stated that the Steam Deck has led to him wanting a portable console from Xbox.

Gaming Journalist and leaker Jez Corden then replied to this tweet saying,

“maybe you’ll get your wish”

While this does not imply much on its own, Tom’s reply to Jez is where things get interesting. Tom replied with the following tweet.

As the tweet shows, Tom mentioned the words Count and Edinburgh in his reply. Both of those words are references to Codenames that were discovered in the Xbox One OS two years ago.

Image Shows Edinburgh and Count in Xbox One OS.
Source: IdleSloth84 on Twitter

The tweets seem to imply that Xbox is currently working on some kind of portable console. Furthermore, Edinburgh and Count have been known for two years, implying that the supposed handheld has been in development for a while. In the past, this image revealed codenames for the Xbox Series S and X consoles prior to their launch, adding further credibility to the speculation. 

Microsoft has likely noticed the success of the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. Therefore, it would make sense for the gaming giant to experiment with a portable console at some point. With Game Pass at its center, a portable console from Xbox could rival Nintendo and Valve’s offerings. 

However, the codenames could also be a reference to Microsoft’s upcoming streaming stick. The streaming device will let players stream Xbox games without additional hardware. 

While a portable console from Xbox sounds exciting, it would be wise to take this information with a grain of salt. 

Xbox Portable Game Pass Edinburgh Count
Image shows concept of an Xbox Portable.
Source: b on Youtube

Over the last few years, Microsoft has shifted Xbox from a home console to a brand. The company has tried to focus on the platform and its services across various products. The readily available Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming are an essential part of this push from the company. A handheld console would certainly be in line with Microsoft’s current goals and it would allow them to capture further share from the gaming market. 

With Microsoft’s experience on both hardware and software, a portable console could end up being something truly special. A handheld could lead to endless possibilities, and it would be an easy win for Xbox, going by the success of recent handhelds from Valve and Nintendo.

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