Xbox Reportedly Blocks Game Pass Titles From PS Plus

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The recent case between Microsoft and the FTC has revealed plenty of news regarding Microsoft and Sony. Following several interesting pieces of information, an internal document has revealed that Xbox signs exclusive deals for its subscription service.

However, this blocks various games from reaching rival subscriptions like PS Plus. While the document has already been taken down, a Twitter user had managed to collect information highlighting Microsoft’s approach to Game Pass titles.

Why it matters: The subscription is a massive part of the Xbox ecosystem, and Microsoft hopes it will bring millions of new customers to the console platform.

Xbox Games Showcase Starfield Direct

As noted by Twitter user CharlieIntel, the document revealed Xbox signs exclusive Game Pass deals, which can restrict these games from other subscription services.

Game Pass includes various day-one releases from third-party studios. Recent examples include Atomic Heart and the upcoming Persona 3 Reload. However, limiting these games to the subscription could prove to be controversial.

Previously, a report claimed that PlayStation blocked Resident Evil Village from launching on Game Pass. The gaming giant wanted to prevent the game from reaching subscription services for at least a year.

However, Microsoft appears to be using similar measures for its subscription service. Still, this is not too surprising, considering the impact of exclusive deals within the gaming industry.

It should be noted that Microsoft is unlikely to restrict these games from subscriptions permanently. Previously, the gaming giant has also released various first-party games on rival subscriptions. As such, the document likely refers to timed exclusivity.

The recent documents from the case have also revealed that Xbox was looking to purchase Square Enix in 2019, and Final Fantasy 16 could have been an Xbox-exclusive title. However, this deal did not work out, and Microsft acquired ZeniMax Media instead.

While many will likely criticize this strategy from Xbox, day-one releases have been working out great for Xbox Game Pass. The subscription has also encouraged PlayStation to revamp its offerings, resulting in PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium.

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