Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Suffering From Poor PC Performance

PC Gamers Can't Catch A Break!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest offering from experienced action game developer; Team Ninja. Combining the fundamentals of Nioh, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty expands on the gameplay with more high-stakes, fast-paced combat. 

A new demo for the title game for recently released, giving players another opportunity to play the game. This demo is also available on PC, but first impressions of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are highly disappointing for PC players. 

As reported by several users on Resetera, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty struggles to achieve satisfactory performance on even the best hardware while continuing the trend of stutters across new PC games. 

A user stated:

“Can’t lock 60 fps with a 13900K/RTX 4090 in the Steam Demo.”

After trying the recent PC demo, one user has decided to switch to the console release. Another has noted that Team Ninja’s previous releases showed similar issues on the PC platform. 

A Steam thread dedicated to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s PC issues has also been made. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Steam
Source: Steam

The issues range from the usual shader compilation stuttering that has haunted several recent PC releases to GPU utilization problems

Shader compilation stuttering is commonly found in Unreal Engine titles. Games like The Callisto Protocol have been extreme examples of this problem, but even titles like Elden Ring, based on custom engines, have been prone to stuttering issues. 

Stuttering has become a common problem across every other PC game, setting a bad precedent for future games. However, some users claim that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is performing just fine on their end.

This could mean the game is poorly optimized for an extensive range of PC hardware, leading to mixed results. Users have also offered potential fixes for those struggling with the PC port.

A frame-rate limit of 60 without V-Sync appears to have improved some performance, but the results may vary, judging by the other reports.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the second February release that disappointed PC gamers. Despite the game’s promising gameplay, it might be best for PC users to wait for future updates or try it on a different platform. 

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