Witcher 3’s Battle Of Kaer Morhen Is An Unforgettable Quest To This Day

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Avengers Assemble Moment of The Witcher 3!

Story Highlights
  • Witcher 3 boasts some of the most well-written and deep quests in gaming.
  • The quest involving the Bloody Baron is often considered the best, but The Battle of Kaer Morhen also stands out.
  • The quest features an epic battle between the Witchers and the Wild Hunt, closes the chapter for Vesemir, and starts a new one for Ciri.

Almost a decade later, Witcher 3 is still widely discussed as a revolutionary open-world game, showcasing its enduring appeal. The game has aged like fine wine, boasting an enthralling open world, engaging combat sequences, and unforgettable story missions.

These missions are the game’s highlight, made even better by the revamped visuals of the next-gen update. While there are plenty of quests and stories worth praising, including the Bloody Baron quest, ‘The Battle of Kaer Morhen’ stands out in particular.

I hold the opinion that this quest can be considered proof of CDPR’s excellent game design and mastery of quest design.

Why it matters: Despite The Witcher 3’s wealth of well-written missions, the Battle of Kaer Morhen isn’t discussed enough, underscoring the immense scale of the game.

The Witcher 3

By now, almost every gamer is familiar with The Witcher 3 and its gameplay. The Battle of Kaer Morhen serves as a turning point in the game, marking a serious escalation in the narrative.

To me, this large-scale battle felt as epic as Avengers Endgame’s gathering scene, with the remaining Witchers uniting against the Wild Hunt, who aims to kidnap Ciri. Given the rarity of Witchers and the lack of new mutations in centuries, facing the Wild Hunt proves challenging.

However, players can enlist the help of various supporting characters recruited during the search for Ciri in Velend and Novigrad. Recruitable allies include the Baron, Craich an Crate, Keira, Triss, and more.

Notably, players can request assistance from Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, though he remains uncooperative, emphasizing the depth and consequences within The Witcher 3’s world. Regardless of the choices made, some characters remain loyal to the White Wolf.

Doing all the side quests and gathering allies helps players in the battle but also earns them a trophy. The preparation phase, where players interact with these characters before the Kaer Morhen battle, offers a cherished moment for Witcher fans and is somewhat of a throwback to earlier games.

As the main battle unfolds, players control Geralt and team up with several other characters, experiencing emotional moments with some old friends. However, the Battle of Kaer Morhan is concluded with the tragic death of Vesemir, the beloved Master Witcher and mentor to Geralt and Ciri.

While Ciri being safe was a win for the Witchers, it didn’t come without a major loss. Unlike Lambert’s death, which can be avoidable if players recruit Keira for the battle, Vesemir’s demise is scripted and unavoidable.

Yet, Vesemir’s death played a crucial role in shaping Ciri’s character and in her journey against the Wild Hunt. His funeral becomes a quest that pays respects to the fallen Witcher.

The aftermath of the battle, with broken allies and a shattered castle, evokes strong emotions. Simultaneously, it is also the beginning of a new chapter for Geralt and Ciri.

Battle of Kaer Morhen felt more personal than everything, and to be honest, on my first playthrough of The Witcher 3, I expected the game to end with that battle.

However, it was after this battle that Witcher 3 unexpectedly took off on a bigger scale with the introduction of more characters, both new and familiar, which I absolutely loved.

That point made me feel as if all the quests I did earlier, whether I liked them or not, were fillers. I’d even go ahead and say that the Battle of Kaer Morhen was more epic than the final battle against the Wild Hunt, which was the coming of the White Frost.

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