The Wipeout franchise is a futuristic racing series well known for its blistering fast speeds. Having been released initially on the Playstation in 1995, the series has been around for a few decades now. The franchise has, however, been dormant as of late. Wipeout saw its last release back in 2017 with Wipeout Omega Collection, and fans have been starved for a new entry ever since. However, some new developments have recently made fans of the franchise look forward to the future. 

Wipeout omega collection
Wipeout Omega Collection cover

The group forestillusion has leaked the source code of the original game. The group has released the original code for both the Windows and Playstation versions of the game, but it is currently unclear whether the code can be compiled into a playable version, as pointed out by the tweet below.

This opens up a whole slew of possibilities for modders interested in the game. Having source code would give developers and modders the ability to create new tools for the game while also changing existing tools. While the prospect of mods is certainly exciting, the source code release is also in a weird position in terms of the legality of the matter. The code has not been made available by the developers or the franchise owners, which could lead to legal action against the release down the line. In relation to the legal matters, NeoGaf user vkbest pointed out, “I don’t think decent modders will touch an illegal leaked code”, which is also in line with our earlier assessment.

With source code out in the wild, what happens next is anybody’s guess. We could see many mods popping up for the game, but the legal problems could keep modders far away from the project. Anyhow, the news has generated a lot of buzz regarding the franchise as fans have finally been able to talk about their beloved series once again. Many have eagerly been waiting for a new entry in the Wipeout franchise, and if legal matters are sorted out, this source code could just be the breath of fresh air that they have been looking for.

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