Wild Hearts Review Roundup – Worthy Monster Hunter Competitor

Highly Positive Reviews From Critics!

Wild Hearts is the latest single-player title from EA. Based on a new IP, the game is developed by Omega Force and aims to innovate on monster-hunting action games like the infamous Monster Hunter franchise. 

The game is now available to play, and the review embargo has been lifted. Across the board, Wild Hearts has received many positive reviews, making it a successful new IP for EA and Omega Force

Some of the review scores can be found below

  • IGN 8/10
  • Gamespot 8/10
  • Screenrant 9/10
  • VGC 6/10

The Karakuri crafting system lies at the heart of Wild Heats and sets it apart from previous games in the genre. Karakuri allows the player to craft structures on the fly that can be used for various tasks like platforming or attacking. 

This mechanic allows for diversity in combat and strategy, ensuring players can take advantage of small windows during intense monster fights. Additionally, players have access to eight different weapons in the game. 

These weapons also come with unique mechanics to mix things up. The Karakuri staff, for example, can transform into five different forms.

However, Wild Hearts can be a bit lacking regarding monster variety. Players can go up against nearly 15 base monsters with additional mutations, which might seem disappointing compared to other games in the genre. 

The title can be a mixed bag visually. While it offers plenty of great-looking environments, many areas in the game can look unimpressive. Wild Hearts also carries on the tradition of stuttering seen in recent PC releases, leaving more to be desired in terms of performance. 

Wild Hearts currently stands at a solid 80/100 on Metacritic

Wild Hearts Metacritic
Source: Metacritic

Wild Hearts looks to be a great first release for a new IP. EA has also provided a 10-hour trial of the game that can be availed through EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for those curious about the latest release.

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