Why The Devil In Me Is A Work Of Art

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The story-telling, the horrible death scenes, the peaceful ending are all incredible...

Story Highlights
  • This real-life-based horror game spooks with a psycho killer who rigs the place with traps such as moving walls, deadly robots, and much more. 
  • This choice-based game doesn’t shy away from showing you the most excruciating death scenes upon making wrong choices and will put you on the edge of your seat.
  • The story-telling is imaginative where you imagine things with little pieces of evidence shown. 

The Devil In Me is the strongest games in the Dark Pictures anthology series and all the evidence are listed in this article. If you haven’t played the game, this might let you consider it.

Beauty Apart From Glitches

Let’s address the elephant in the room immediately. Yes, this game has tons of glitches and the character’s facial expressions are bland and robotic. However, this article is about the things that are enjoyable and pleasing beyond the numerous chaotic bugs and glitches.

Based On True Events

The Devil In Me scares you and keeps you immersed in the thrill and suspense with only a serial killer who has placed traps for you in an old manor. This concept of luring people in a mansion and trapping them is derived from real-life incidents.

H. H Holmes and Mr Du'Met
Real Serial Killer Vs Game’s Antagonist

It is particularly based on America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. A character in the game has been portrayed as this serial killer and the manor is also derived from his “Murder Mansion.” 

Identity Of The Antagonist

The villain, who chases and always puts our five characters in trouble, wears a mask of H.H. Holmes to conceal his identity. The game doesn’t let you know his identity until you find clues and figure it out on your own.

Mr. Du'Met in H H Holmes mask
Mr. Du’Met (Antagonist)

With voice notes, video clips, papers, and documents, you can piece together a clear picture and find out the killer’s identity. There are separate dialogues used when we find all these missing clues and where our characters call out the killer by his name.

Edge Of Your Seat

This game constantly puts you in misery in one way or the other. Peacefulness is not present in this game, especially when you progress the story almost halfway through. It’s as if the game teases you and intentionally sets you up for failure.  

You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat by this game as it either throws a difficult choice down your way or lets you press a specific button without any prior warning. Knowing that wrong choices can impact your game’s ending also puts extra stress on you.

YouTube video

The killer has rigged the mansion with animatronics which usually causes players jumpscare as they move only when you move closer to them. There are also instances where load noise is initiated even when you just flip the book to its back side.

If that wasn’t enough, the creepy killer himself usually enters the room you’re in causing you to hide quickly. The game then lets you press the button, mimicking the heartbeat of your character which makes the situation even more stressful. 

Wrong Choices Are Excruciating 

With wrong choices, your players can die as we already expected. But, this game doesn’t shy away from showing gore scenes. This game has multiple ways in which characters can die and each one is extremely painful to watch.

Wrong Choices Erin And Kate
Choice To Save One

For instance, when Jamie and Kate are being crushed, the scene is as realistic as it can get. Additionally, the ending where the killer flowed acid in Jamie’s nostrils via two tubes and Mark helplessly watched her scream and die was very painful to hear and watch.  

YouTube video

Moreover, the game gives you a choice to let one character die which causes extreme emotional pressure. Even as much as not obtaining an item such as a screwdriver can negatively impact the ending, causing a character to die only because of this small error.

The Emotional Dog Ending

With four to five endings, there is only one end that is happy and allows you to save all the crew members. Others are more or less horrifying even if you save a few of your friends. This game captures your attention and lets you bond with the characters including the dog.

YouTube video

We find the dog at a place and there is an ending where we can save all the members including the dog while the other ending only saves the dog. This follows up with the dog’s emotional journey towards the city, which will make even the stone-cold players cry. 

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