Why I Believe It’s A Good Time To Switch To PC Instead Of PS5?

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Best time to switch to PC PS players!

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  • PS5 currently does not have enough exclusives to make it worth buying.
  • Almost all the PlayStation games are available on PC with occasional discounts.
  • The increased rates of PS Plus subscriptions are also a downside, as there’s no paywall for online modes on PCs.

PlayStation has been the go-to console for gamers for a very long time. Throughout the years, PlayStation has served the fans with some fantastic titles, which have also been the highlights of the gaming industry. These exclusives have also helped the consoles increase their worth.

The case, however, seems to be different for the latest PlayStation console, the PS5. Since its release, the console hasn’t been able to shine as much as the other PlayStation consoles in the past. The hype is still up for it, but I believe it’s better to upgrade to a PC instead of a PS5 now. 

Lack Of Exclusives

One of the biggest reasons PC is a better option is the lack of exclusives on PS5. All of the PlayStation has made their presence felt by providing players with one-of-a-kind exclusive games like Uncharted, Last Of Us, and God Of War series.

Sure, PS5 also has Marvel’s Spiderman 2 as an exclusive game, which makes the console worth buying to some extent. However, other than Spiderman 2, there aren’t any more exclusive titles currently.

The upcoming Wolverine game from Insomniac is another PlayStation exclusive, but it is far from being released. Even soon, there seems to be no exclusives planned for PS5. I wouldn’t say I like games being exclusive to a console, but there’s no doubt that when they are, the console’s value increases by a high margin.

Some Of The PS Exclusives On PC
Some Of The PS Exclusives On PC

So when your favorite games are on a console you don’t plan on buying, you will still buy that console even if the price for the console and the games is higher than the other gaming platform options available. And as the PS5 doesn’t have enough exclusives, I believe there’s no point in buying it now.

Same Games Are Available On PC With Occasional Discounts

Most of the games available on PS5 are also available on PC, which makes PC way more worth buying than PS5. There’s also a considerable difference in the pricing of the games, as you get occasional discounts on Steam and Epic Games. The PS store also provides occasional discounts, but the ones on PC are much more considerable.

Discounts On Epic Games
Discounts On Epic Games (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Also, most PlayStation exclusives have been moved to PC, and more of them (God Of War: Ragnarok and The Last Of Us Part II) will soon be available on PC. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about abandoning your favorite PlayStation games.

Extra PS Plus Subscription Charges

Additionally, when you buy a game on a PC, you can play it online without extra charges. However, Sony doesn’t go that easy on your wallet as you have to pay PS plus subscription charges to play the online modes of the games you already own.

One of my biggest problems with Sony is charging for something we already own. Moreover, since September 2023, the prices for this subscription have increased significantly. Sure, the subscription provides some additional games, but if I want to play Tekken 8 online with my friends, I must pay 10$ per month.

PS Plus Subscription Plans
PS Plus Subscription Plans (Image By PlayStation.com)

On PC, I can enjoy my games online for a lifetime. The Xbox game pass, which is much cheaper than the PS Plus subscription, also gives you access to the Xbox games catalog.

The only problem that may occur when switching to a PC is the price of PC components. It’s a universal fact that a high-end PC costs more than consoles, but you can still go with some wallet-friendly builds to get decent game performance.

Final Words

PS5 is undoubtedly the beast of a console, and demanding games have yet to meet its technological limits. However, purchasing one now would not be worth it as there isn’t much on the console.

If you are a GTA fan, the best time to buy it would be before the release of GTA 6. Until then, switching to a PC can be a better option as almost all games are available there and can be much cheaper.

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