The Rise of Smart Glasses And The Future of Tech

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Smart glasses will soon become more mainstream than ever before!

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  • Smart glasses can integrate digital elements into the physical world using AR and AI technology. 
  • Utilizing smart glasses in education, healthcare, industrial, and corporate sectors can streamline the management and monitoring processes, while also promoting collaborative teamwork.
  • Smart glasses are expected to become more mainstream in the coming years leading the market to generate a higher revenue.

We have always wondered how cool it would be to have glasses that could shape our vision how we want to see it or provide us with real-time information about our surroundings. Well, smart glasses have made that possible.

What Are Smart Glasses?

Smart glasses use the latest technologies, such as wireless systems, AI, dedicated processors, and AR technology, to incorporate a digital perspective on the physical world. 

The more advanced smart glasses can work on the holographic principle by adding digital overlays to real-world scenarios. Therefore, make the most out of these functions without disrupting your view.

Holographic Projections
Holographic Projections (Image By Venture Beat)

Most smart glasses have built-in sensors, microphones, and cameras that let you detect eye movements, give voice commands, and analyze the path ahead of you. Connect them to the internet to fetch data about your surroundings.

Benefits Of Smart Glasses

One of the biggest advantages of smart glasses is for visually impaired individuals. They can simplify their daily lives by assisting them during walks and other routine tasks using audio features.

Similarly, it can guide those with hearing impairments through the visuals. Consequently, such people become less reliant on others to fulfil their everyday needs. 

Smart Glasses Aid In Navigation
Smart Glasses Aid In Navigation (Image By TaskBoot)

Teachers can use holographic projections to bring abstract concepts to life, thus creating a better understanding of sciences like Physics, Math, and Chemistry (Strzys et al., 2018).

In healthcare, AR smart glasses can aid in clinical and surgical procedures. A recent study by Doormaal et al. (2019) found that AR smart glasses can serve as a functioning neuro-navigation system to locate surgical targets. Therefore, surgeons can use this tech to reduce the chances of error.

Smart Glasses In Healthcare Can Aid In Surgical Procedures
Smart Glasses In Healthcare Can Aid In Surgical Procedures (Image By DXSolution)

Besides, it can help industry workers with better maintenance, safety, and work support. For instance, workers can utilize AR smart glasses to evaluate industrial sites from various angles and analyze correct material placement. They can also use these glasses to conduct more rigorous safety inspections.

Lastly, it can serve as a security device to monitor covert situations, as seen in the case of intelligence and security agencies.

Big Names In The World Of Smart Glasses

Several companies have already made their mark in the market with cutting-edge inventions. These innovations have significantly eased users’ lives in many ways.

For instance, the Microsoft HoloLens is built to enhance an organization’s productivity by accelerating construction and enabling effective collaborations and analysis. Amazon Echo Frames are another example of smart glasses that are integrated with Alexa. They let you control incoming calls, play music, keep an eye on your smart home from miles away, and more. 

In my opinion, Spectacles by Snap is way better than the above two because it actually brings immersive AR to life while offering a 3D feature. Besides this, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses allow users to live stream directly from the glasses to Instagram or Facebook. They are a hands-free, AI-integrated set of glasses that can fetch information on the go.

Spectacles By Snap Creates An Immersive AR Experience
Spectacles By Snap Creates An Immersive AR Experience (Image By Marketing Mag)

Both of these are more relevant to an “influencer lifestyle” due to their main focus on content creation. Meanwhile, HoloLens and Echo Frames have better practical usage in different sectors.

Current Analysis and Future

According to data from Markets And Markets, analysts expect the global smart glasses market to reach a value of $5.8 billion by the end of 2024 and $9.4 billion by 2029.

Smart glasses data
Smart Glass Market Forecast (Image By Markets And Markets)

Construction, automotive, and healthcare are some of the key drivers of the smart glasses market, per Verified Market Research’s report. It also suggests that the growing implementation of IoT has greatly influenced the increase in the smart glasses trend.

Currently, North America holds the biggest market share, with Asia Pacific and Europe quickly catching up. The day is not far when we see this technology in our day-to-day lives. Just like in the case of AI or IoT, individuals will begin to rely more on smart glasses for navigation and basic tasks once they become affordable for the masses.

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