AMD Zen 5: Everything You Need To Know About Next-Gen CPUs

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Redesigned architecture, boosted IPCs, and somewhat identical pricing; AMD Zen 5 supposedly has a lot to offer. Let's take a look at the rumors.

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  • Zen 5 will reportedly see a teaser unveil at Computex in June with a fully-fledged release in September/October.
  • Expect to see a revolutionized architectural design reworked from the ground up instead of pure spec boosts.
  • Unless unforeseen circumstances arise, global pricing and availability for the new CPUs should stay the same more or less.

We’re almost halfway through 2024, but despite AMD’s recent release of its latest slew of 3D V-Cache CPUs (also known as the Ryzen Processors with the ‘X3D’ moniker in their name), gamers are already looking ahead into the future, and so should you.

Allow me to tell you why.

A Brief Context

Regardless of the serious performance grunt at discounted prices of the current generation Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ CPUs, enthusiasts are starting to get restless with respect to their penchant for quenching their insatiable thirst for the best of the best when it comes to Gaming Processors. 

As such, a few rumors have floated regarding AMD’s hotly anticipated launch of the next-generation processors that are said to be based on the totally new Zen 5 architecture, i.e., the successor to Zen 4 (the architecture upon which the Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs have been manufactured).

Overthinking as to which rumors you should take seriously and which ones should be discarded with a grain of salt? No need to fret; that’s what I’m here for. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details. 

AMD Zen 5: Let’s Talk About Nomenclature

Thanks to a BIOS update from Gigabyte for its AM5 Motherboards, we’ve learned that the upcoming Zen 5 architecture will be based on forthcoming processors from AMD, which will be named the Ryzen 9000 ‘Granite Ridge’ Series, following the conventional naming trend for Team Red where they’ve been skipping an even number ever since the launch of the Ryzen 3000 ‘Matisse’ Series back in 2019.

Holding The Ryzen 7 7800X3D
Ryzen 7 7800X3D (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Serious Performance Gains?

It’s an exciting time to be alive, that is if you’re in the AMD camp with regard to the PCMR (PC Master Race) realm. 

According to credible sources, fans can apparently expect a 4nm CCD (Chiplet Core Die), 30% boost in IPCs (Instructions Per Clock), slightly increased quantities for L1 and L2 Cache, upgraded DDR5 Memory Support for 6400 MHz (and 8000 MHz with AMD EXPO), and of course, an architectural redesign within that completely changes how the newer CPUs will work. 

I’ve also heard of some reports about AMD increasing the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) count from four to six, which, if proven true, would indeed translate to a noticeable boost in multi-threaded performance.

Frustratingly, we still might not see AMD breach the 6 GHz milestone, with clock speeds said to see slight increases of 200 MHz – 300 MHz, if any at all. I know, I know. Hey, my fingers are still crossed for 6 GHz, and I am hoping against hope. 

The thing is, 6 GHz would be more of a psychological advantage with regard to marketing, as the slight increase in Clock Speeds wouldn’t do much to improve real-world performance. If anything, it might have a negative impact, taking thermal efficiency and sustained workloads into account from a long-term perspective.

New Chipsets

Amongst other news, I can reliably predict that AMD will release new 800-Series Chipsets alongside Zen 5 and the Ryzen 9000 Series CPUs, with the ‘X870E’ championing the lineup as the successor to the ‘X670E’

The primary hallmark feature is said to be full 40 Gbps USB 4.0 connectivity as a result of using improvised USB controllers and a three-chip solution, which will undoubtedly raise the price of the ‘X870E’ chipset.

Even so, budget-conscious users will most probably be presented with relatively cheaper alternatives for 800-Series Motherboards down the line in the form of X870, B850, and maybe even a B840 entry-level chipset.

Expected Release Date

Keeping in line with historical trends, we can safely assume we’ll see Dr. Lisa Su tease Zen 5 along with the Ryzen 9000 Series Processors in the Computex Keynote, which is set to go live on 3rd June 2024. 

As for the proper debut, we can expect the embargo to be lifted sometime in the last days of September, with CPUs hitting online stores along with shelves in offline brick-and-mortar stores in October. 

Installing the Ryzen 7 7700X (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Testing the AMD Ryzen 7 7700X (Image By Tech4Gamers)

As per how AMD went about releasing the past generations of Ryzen CPUs, you can bet that Zen 5 will first be released in the form of the Ryzen 9000 ‘X’ Series Processors, which are engineered for pure all-rounded performance.

AMD will surely follow up with the vanilla variants (non ‘X’) CPUs of the Ryzen 9000 lineup, which are typically slightly detuned for cheaper pricing.

Let’s not forget the 3D V-Cache CPUs, i.e., the cream of the crop when it comes to AMD’s Gaming Processors. Expect to see the first Zen 5/Ryzen 9000 Series 3D V-Cache CPUs sometime in the Spring of 2025.

My Take On Zen 5 in 2024

I’ll be honest: it’s a lot to digest, and we’ve all learned the hard lesson of not solely relying on rumors. 

But the icing on the cake in this case? We’re possibly just a month away from our first look at Zen 5 and surely less than four months away from the official debut, so at least we won’t have to wait for much longer. 

Even so, Zen 5 is shaping up to promote AMD to a new era of computing. The situation within the PC Gaming Kingdom is getting serious, and starting to heat up, just the way we like it.

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