The Last of Us Prologue Still One of The Best Openings In Gaming

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Still Hits Hard 10 Years Later!

The Last Of Us has been a huge success for Naughty Dog since its debut. Naughty Dog has put an enormous amount of love into the story, characters, and visuals, leading to an exceptional release on the PS3.

Due to its focus on narrative, The Last of Us had several memorable moments. However, only a few can be compared to the game’s prologue, which delivers an intense and emotional beginning to one of the greatest narratives in gaming.

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A lot happens in the first few minutes of The Last Of Us. However, fans of the franchise will never forget the tragic death of Sarah, which leaves an immediate impression on the players.

The opening scene introduces Joel and his daughter. Naughty Dog ensures that players get to see a heart-warming exchange between the two before everything begins to fall apart soon after.

Following an encounter with an infected, Joel quickly attempts to escape with Tommy and Sarah. However, the streets are overrun, and the three eventually abandon their vehicle.

A few moments later, Joel and Sarah are separated from Tommy. However, players do not have much time to think about Tommy as a group of infected begin chasing Joel and Sarah.

The infected are then shot dead by a FEDRA Soldier, but this is where things take a turn for the worse. After a conversation with his superior, the soldier becomes suspicious about Sarah and Joel potentially being infected.

This leads to an intense scenario full of tension as players are glued to the screen, contemplating the soldier’s next move. In an unfortunate turn of events, the soldier pulls the trigger, leading to a shocking moment less than 20 minutes into the game.

A few seconds later, Tommy arrives and kills the soldier, but he is unable to save Sarah from the gunshot wound. Due to this unforgettable series of events, The Last of Us cements itself as a strong candidate for the best opening in the gaming industry.

The game’s impressive visuals, lifelike animations, and impressive voice acting also contribute to the powerful moment, making it one of the best parts of the whole franchise.

New gamers have also found the prologue very moving, as demonstrated by a Reddit user who recently stated that The Last of Us Part 1’s opening was jaw-dropping. Following the emotional opening, the user went on to play the game for 8 hours straight.

Naughty Dog has recently remade the game for the PS5 hardware. The improved lighting and character models make the game look better than ever, bringing the heartbreaking scene to life on the PS5 once again.

Sarah’s death also became the catalyst for Joel’s actions toward the end of the game. While Joel never forgot his daughter’s death, Naughty Dog’s exceptional work has ensured that players continue to remember the tragic moment nearly a decade later.

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