Tekken 8 Players Infuriated After Developers Add Battle Pass

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Battle Pass, Cosmetic Shop, And Season Pass In $70 AAA Release!

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  • Tekken 8 is adding a battle pass titled the ‘Tekken Fight Pass.’
  • The game already has microtransactions and a season pass on top of the $70 price tag.
  • Fans are infuriated after finding out about the Battle Pass.

Following the trend of gamers accepting microtransactions, Tekken 8 is the latest example to try its attempt at raking in profits from cosmetics.

Bandai Namco has now introduced its own Battle Pass to Tekken 8. If the recent criticism of Dragon’s Dogma 2 was any indication, fans have not taken kindly to these new microtransactions.

Why it matters: While Battle Passes are acceptable in free games like Fortnite, they don’t make much sense in a game that already costs $70.

Tekken 8 battle pass
‘Tekken Fight Pass Will Offer Free And Paid Variants

Following the announcement, the Tekken subreddit was filled with users criticizing Bandai Namco for this addition. Many were already unhappy after the cosmetic shop’s addition, even though Bandai Namco was quick to defend it.

This time, however, fans are even more frustrated. They point to the fact that Tekken 8 was already a $70 premium release. Considering there are people who bought the deluxe edition for an even higher price, this is beyond infuriating. 

It should be noted that you don’t need to buy the Battle Pass. Still, an option like this in a paid game makes little sense. Bandai Namco seems to be going all-in with microtransactions, going one step further with each new update.

A f2p model in a full priced game is beyond scummy.
byu/Odd-Parking6571 inTekken

Fans have also stated that Bandai Namco kept in-game customization limited on purpose. They believe that this was done in an attempt to lure players over to the cosmetic shop and Battle Pass.

The Tekken Fight Pass will debut this week. The price tag and exact rewards haven’t been revealed as of yet. The game is also getting its first DLC character in the form of Eddy Gordo, who has been a regular part of the older games.

The update will be out on April 2, adding the new content along with the incoming microtransactions.

Tekken 8 has had a brilliant run so far and exceeded expectations by selling two million units in three weeks. However, the overall perception has changed quite a bit after the addition of these microtransactions.

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