TEAMGROUP Unveils RT-X120 Fan & T-Force Dark AirFlow Cooler For SSDs

Cool Your SSDs Without Any Hassle!

[Press Release] SSDs are mandatory for all kinds of PC gaming setups. With the growing popularity of SSDs and the implementation of PCIe NVMe storage in consoles, the technology has continued to evolve, and TEAMGROUP’s T-Force Dark AirFlow assists this evolution.

Following the introduction of PCIe Gen 5 SSDs, cooling requirements have become more important than before to ensure optimal performance for these incredible storage devices.

The TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark AirFlow boasts cooling that can keep up with all kinds of PCIe Gen 5 storage, allowing users to maintain a consistent read-and-write experience.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark AirFlow SSD Cooler

With a graphene patented dual-layered structure, the cooler is equipped with the necessary tools to ensure rapid cooling over a large area.

TEAMGROUP packs a smart PWM fan that automatically shifts speed to match the temperature requirements. Additional measures like a large cooling surface and impressive thermal conductivity also go a long way to ensure M.2 Gen 5 SSDs run at uncompromised speeds.


In addition to the TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark AirFlow, the RT-X120 fan is a great fit for users pursuing optimal cooling performance.

The ARG fan is suitable for various temperatures thanks to a design that leads to high wind pressure with minimal fan noise. TEAMGROUP has also equipped the fan with a motor that can last up to 50K hours, ensuring a long lifespan.

All of these attributes are complemented by the RGB lighting, which adds a unique flair to the T-Force RT-X120 fan and can be controlled through custom software.


The T-Force RT-X120 comes in two colors, making it suitable for white and black PC builds. Both of these products are scheduled to launch in the US on Amazon this October, with more information available on the official TEAMGROUP website.

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