TeamGroup Secures 4 Red Dot Design Awards For T-Create & T-Force

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T-Force SSD Coolers, RAM, And T-Create CinemaPr P31 Were The Winners!

[Press Release] TeamGroup has stood tall at the Red Dot Design Awards in multiple categories. Taking home four awards for products belonging to the T-Create and T-Force lineups, the manufacturer has once again provided proof of its excellence.

With competition across thousands of entries from 60 countries, the following TeamGroup products came out victorious.

  • T-Force Dark Airflow I SSD Cooler
  • T-Force Siren GD120s AIO SSD Cooler
  • T-Force XTREEM DDR5
  • T-Create Cinema Pr P31 External SSD

The T-Force SSD coolers are designed to keep high-speed PCIe 5.0 SSDs cool under high stress. TeamGroup uses a patented graphene heat sink for the Airflow I, while the Siren GD120s boasts aluminium alloy dual-tube water blocks to the table.

Both are capable of keeping PCIe 5.0 SSDs operational at lower temperatures. The T-Force XTREEM can handle frequencies up to 8200 MHz. With a similar commitment to cooling, the memory makes use of a 2mm alloy heat spreader.

Finally, the T-Create Cinema Pr P31 was just released this month as part of a new sub-category in the T-Create series. It was awarded for an excellent range of support, a portable form factor, and up to 2,000 MB/s speed.

All four products shine as examples of TeamGroup’s craft and R&D investments. The company is known for its quality and reliability, making it worthy of winning the Red Dot Design Awards 2024.

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