TeamGroup Debuts PD20M External SSD With 0.8kg Magnetic Strength

Coming In March!

[Press Release] TeamGroup’s latest announcement debuts the PD20M, a magnetic external SSD. Weighing just 40g, TeamGroup has created one of the lightest SSDs on the market, making it the perfect companion.

TeamGroup PD20M External SSD
TeamGroup PD20M External SSD

For smartphones, the SSD has been designed to snap on instantly. It boasts a magnetic strength of more than 0.8kg, making it hassle-free to carry and travel with. USB-C connectivity also offers compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Thanks to Apple’s switch to USB-C, the PD20M can work out of the box with the latest iPhones. Therefore, whatever the use case may be, TeamGroup has you covered with its latest external SSD.

More details on TeamGroup’s other products can be found on the official website. The PD20M is also scheduled to launch in March, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for additional information.

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