Stellar Blade Was The #1 Best-Selling Game In US Last Month

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Another Round of Success For Shift Up!

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  • Stellar Blade was released in late April for the PS5.
  • The game has now become last month’s best-selling title in the US.
  • It beat the likes of Helldivers 2 and Modern Warfare 3 to claim this spot.

Korean developers look to be making an exciting entry into the AAA games market. Following the release of Lies of P and Stellar Blade, these studios have found major success and are more motivated than ever to create AAA titles.

Stellar Blade is the latest release from Korea, and it has already become a hit. According to Circana’s report, it became the best-selling title in the US last month.

Why it matters: Stellar Blade has proven itself as a high-quality title from Shift Up because of its gameplay and world-building.

Stelllar Blade
The List of Best-Selling Games of April via Circana

Stellar Balde, a AAA PS5 exclusive from Shift Up, was released in late April.

While the game was limited to just the PS5 console, it managed to beat various multiplatform titles. Interestingly, two spots in the top three games were taken up by PlayStation releases, with Helldivers 2 continuing to perform well.

While Shift Up has not shared a sales update, the game seems to have sold incredibly well. Following this release, discussions about a sequel are underway, and the studio is even considering a PC port.

One month after launch, Stellar Blade is also receiving plenty of additional content. A photo mode is in the works, and the team has even added various new outfits after the censorship controversy at release.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade Is One of 2024’s Best Action Games

PlayStation may continue to partner with Shift Up in the future after this success. The developer is clearly interested in making more games, and this franchise still has a lot of untapped potential.

Stellar Blade’s journey has just begun. With a potential PC release on the horizon and the incoming updates, this franchise is just getting started. Shift Up has also begun work on various other projects, but the studio is likely to prioritize this IP after the recent success.

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