Sony Reportedly Cut PS VR2 Production By 20%

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Cutting Production For PS VR2?

The PlayStation VR2 is the second generation of virtual reality made for PlayStation fans, but it is not a very popular product from the gaming giant. One of the main reasons for the lack of buzz about the PS VR2 could be its price, as it is even more expensive than the console.

Due to this limited appeal, it seems Sony has cut production by a margin. A trusted insider, Ming-Chin Kuo, has reported that Sony has cut the PS VR2 production by 20%.

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PS VR2 Headset
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Previously it was reported that Sony had the production by half, but it seemed too early to believe, and Sony declined that speculation.

Recent reports have claimed that PS VR2 is not selling too well, with Sony expecting to sell less than 300K units by the end of March. However, the validity of these reports remains questionable for now.

The main reason behind this cut could be related to the price of this VR headset. The PS VR2 costs $550 and requires a PS5 console. This means new owners must pay at least $950 for the complete package.

The PS VR2 brings several significant improvements over its predecessor, offering an improved virtual reality experience. On top of that, games like Gran Turismo 7 make an excellent case for the headset.

However, this may not be enough to push buyers towards an expensive purchase, and future discounts could help the headset.

Still, nothing is confirmed yet, and it is better to take this information with a grain of salt till official confirmation is made. Do you think Sony will cut production? Do you believe PS VR2 is worth buying? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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