Sony Patent Hints At AI For Calculating The Worth Of NFTs

Another Gaming Company Going For NFTs?

The rise of technologies like NFTs and Blockchain has encouraged gaming companies to experiment with their integration in the industry. Square Enix is heavily focused on this technology, with developers like Ubisoft also showing interest.

Recent patents have hinted that Sony is looking to join these efforts, with PlayStation asking players about NFTs last year at EVO. This was followed by the discovery of Sony patents for Blockchain and NFTs.

If this was not enough evidence that NFTs might be part of PlayStation in the future, a new patent has once again hinted at Sony’s interests, with the company looking to use AI to determine the value of NFTs.

Sony NFT Patent

The patent seeks to introduce more accessibility for users new to Blockchain and NFTs. Inexperienced users could find it difficult to judge the value of NFTs, and this is where the AI model comes in.

Using the machine learning model, Sony aims to provide multiple estimates for users to understand certain items’ value better. This value could change depending on how often a particular thing is usable.

Items that are more difficult to acquire due to rarity or competition may also see a difference in value compared to traditional NFTs.

According to the patent, Sony identifies objects like characters and weapons from a game as NFTs. This may allow the gaming giant to borrow from iconic PlayStation franchises for NFTs in the future.

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