Snapdragon X Series To Offer Up To 10 SoCs

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We already know how the reviews of the Snapdragon X Elite were disappointing. But now we get to know there are 10 SoCs in the  line-up. These are divided in to two groups of 5x Snapdragon X Elite and 5x Snapdragon X Plus.

If you look at the Qualcomm Adreno graphic files, you will find that 10 SoCs are listed there not five. However, the thing is that we only know the specification of five models. All the Snapdragon X Elite offer the same 12-core CPU configuration, compared to the 10 cores of the Snapdragon The only difference is linked to the frequencies of the CPU cores and the performance of the GPU.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite Plus

So far, the ASUS Vivebook S15’s Snapdragon X Elite XE78100 performance evaluations have been available to the us. As far as we are aware, the Samsung Book4 Edge is the only laptop that has been revealed to have the top-tier SoC, the Snapdragon X Elite X1E80100.

As you are aware, the Snapdragon X Elite (XE78100) has already been the subject of initial reviews. The initial testing has not been encouraging. It is now necessary to acknowledge that the software is green.

When it comes down to it, they do provide extremely good performance for the energy consumption they generate when compared to their competitors with x86 architecture, even though they are unable to outperform the finest solutions from AMD or Intel.

The final optimizations for the Snapdragon SoCs will be available in few months. So lets hope that they turn out to be some noticeable improvements in performance.

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