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ARC A750 Vs RTX 3050

ARC A750 Vs RTX 3050: Intel Vs AMD 2023

Let us review Intel and Nvidia's competitors that share almost the same features, these are the ARC A750 vs RTX 3050.

Starfield Peaked At Nearly 550K Concurrent Views on Twitch

Bethesda's latest release, Starfield, has become one of the most popular games on the platform, reaching over 500K concurrent viewers.
Ryzen 5 7500F Vs Core i5 13500

Ryzen 5 7500F Vs Core i5 13500: Which One Is Better?

In the Ryzen 5 7500F vs Core i5 13500 comparison, we will pin two budget offerings from Intel and AMD to crown a victor.

Starfield Becomes 3rd Best-Selling Steam Game Ahead of Release

Starfield has managed to climb the Steam best-sellers list, reaching the third spot several weeks before release.
Naraka: Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint Breaks Previous Record With 250K Concurrent Players

Naraka: Bladepoint has opted for a free-to-play approach, and this has led to a new record of Steam concurrent players.
RTX 4060 VS RTX 3050

RTX 4060 Vs RTX 3050: Worth Upgrading In 2023?

In this comparison, we will be testing the newest RTX 4060 Vs RTX 3050 and see how the performance difference between the two generations.
GTX 1060 VS RTX 4060

RTX 4060 Vs GTX 1060: [Gaming Benchmarks 2023]

In this comparison, we will be testing the RTX 4060 vs GTX 1060 in a series of gaming benchmarks to asses their performance difference.
Core i3 13100 Vs Ryzen 5 5600

Core i3 13100 Vs Ryzen 5 5600 [Benchmarks 2023]

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the Core i3 13100 Vs Ryzen 5 5600, while testing out their capabilities in various games.
RX 6650 XT Vs RTX 3060 Ti

RX 6650 XT Vs RTX 3060 Ti [Gaming Benchmarks 2023]

In the RX 6650 XT vs RTX 3060 Ti comparison, we will take a look at the performance and features of both these graphics cards.
RTX 2070 Vs RTX 3070

RTX 2070 Vs RTX 3070: Worth Upgrading? [Benchmarks]

This comparison will focus on the performance difference between the RTX 2070 vs 3070 in games utilizing features like RT and DLSS.
Titanfall 2

Titanfall 3 Was Developed For 10 Months Before Being Canceled

In a recent interview, a former Titanfall Game Designer confirmed that Titanfall 3 was in development for 10 months before being canceled.

RTX 3050 Vs RX 6500 XT [Gaming Benchmarks & Difference]

Read our guide on RTX 3050 vs RX 6500 XT to find out whether its Nvidia or AMD taking the crown for the entry-level gaming card.




Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Activision Blizzard Acquisition Provisionally Approved By The CMA

The CMA has provisionally approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and further decisions will be made after 6 October.