Xbox & Crytek Should Team Up For A Ryse: Son of Rome Sequel

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Remains A Visual Masterpiece To This Day!

Story Highlight
  • Ryse: Son of Rome’s graphics were groundbreaking at launch and still hold up today.
  • Although the combat mechanics were enjoyable, a sequel could enhance the experience with a range of enemies and improved execution moves.
  • A sequel could weave a more engaging narrative focused on character development, Roman politics, and themes like revenge and loyalty.

Ryse: Son of Rome is a title whispered in the halls of gaming’s forgotten gems. One of the first games released with the Xbox One, it lets players explore ancient Rome through the perspective of Marius Titus, a Roman general.

Although I admire the game for its impressive graphics and intense fights, I find fault in its repetitive gameplay and storyline that resembles a documentary rather than an interactive experience.

Following its launch, Ryse: Son of Rome didn’t perform as well as expected and gradually became less known. Yet, beneath the surface, the game holds the potential for a glorious comeback, in my opinion.

Why it matters: Despite receiving mixed reviews when it launched in 2013, Ryse’s promising gameplay mechanics and timeless graphics lay the groundwork for a franchise ripe for a comeback.

Son of Rome Underrated Gem
Crytek’s Hidden Gem Deserves a Sequel.

Ryse: Son of Rome is Still a Visual Powerhouse

Simply put, Ryse was, and some might argue still is, a visual masterpiece. Developed using Crytek’s own CryEngine, the game set new standards for console graphics.

Whether it be Britannia’s sun-soaked landscapes or Rome’s rain-soaked streets, each setting teemed with vitality. The detailed depiction of Roman armor and the gritty realism of battle scenes – Ryse delivered a level of visual immersion that was truly mindblowing at the time.

Looking ahead to today, graphics have naturally advanced. Yet, Ryse’s main draw – its detailed world creation – endures. Should Crytek give the game another chance, Ryse: Son of Rome could certainly benefit from today’s technology.

Lusher landscapes, dynamic weather systems, and even more detailed character models could elevate Ryse from a visual spectacle to a true artistic masterpiece.

Ryse: Son of Rome
Ryse: Son of Rome Was Ahead of Its Time.

Improved Combat

Combat in Ryse was a double-edged sword. The brutal, visceral flow of chaining attacks and gory executions felt satisfying. Yet, Ryse lacked diversity in enemies and refinement in execution mechanics, highlighting areas for enhancement in a potential sequel.

Also, more dismemberment effects would be welcome, in my opinion. A sequel could learn from this. Expanding the combat system with a wider variety of enemy types and more options would add depth.

Imagine flanking maneuvers, shield bashes to break enemy defenses, or combo variations based on weapon types. This wouldn’t detract from the visceral feel; it would simply make the combat more engaging and fun in the long run.

Ryse: Son of Rome Combat
The Game’s Combat Can Be Improved in A Sequel.

Reforging the Story

I found the game’s story more like a history lesson than an emotional adventure. Though the historical setting was intriguing, the tale lacked the depth to captivate players on a personal level.

However, a sequel or a remake has the potential to change that. By focusing on character development, digging into Roman politics, and intertwining a more intimate storyline with historical events, Ryse could evolve into a gripping journey.

Imagine a narrative that digs into themes like revenge, loyalty in times of conflict, or the emergence of a heroic figure in ancient Rome.

Despite its rocky launch, Ryse: Son of Rome still holds plenty of promise. The fascinating backdrop of ancient Rome and the groundwork laid by the first game provide Crytek with a chance to revisit and enhance the series.

A sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome could take the franchise to exciting new levels by tackling repetitive elements, listening to player input, and leveraging gaming advancements.

With Crytek’s expertise and technological progress, there’s potential for an even more immersive and unforgettable adventure in ancient Rome.

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