One of Capcom’s best decisions was to remake the classic Resident Evil titles, allowing fans to relive the excitement of those games with much better graphics and a minimally altered plot.

The first Resident Evil title to receive a remake was Resident Evil 2, and when it was first revealed, there was a lot of excitement. Fans appreciated the remake as it met their expectations and undoubtedly lived up to the buzz around it.

Since its release in January 2019, the Resident Evil 2 remake has sold over 10 million units, making it Capcom’s third highest-selling game (Monster Hunter: World still at first with over 18 million units sold and RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard at second with 10.80 million).  

Capcom, in their celebratory press release, stated,

the company promoted the overall brand with regular content releases—such as the live-action Resident Evil series that began streaming today, July 14, on Netflix—propelling cumulative sales of Resident Evil 2 to surpass 10 million units worldwide.

Capcom has been doing a very nice job with the remakes and the Resident Evil series in general, as every Resident Evil game has been perceived excellently, with the recent one being Resident Evil 8: Village, which is a sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

The upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake is expected to be released in 2023; this would be the third remake after Resident Evil 3.

We hope Capcom continues to remake the Resident Evil titles, but aside from that, we’d like to see a Dino Crisis remake because it’s been long overdue. Given how well the remakes are doing, a Dino Crisis remake would stand out.

On that note, what do you think about the Resident Evil 2 remake? Let us know in the comments section.

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