Mod Makes Red Dead Redemption Playable At 60FPS On Nintendo Switch

Could Have Worked At 60FPS On PS4 Too!

The fan-favorite Red Dead Redemption was recently ported to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, coming with minimal enhancements to aspects like resolution. This led to outrage, with disappointed fans expressing dissatisfaction with the $50 price tag.

Red Dead Redemption runs at 30FPS on all consoles, and this became one of the most controversial parts of the port. Many had expected the port to at least offer 60FPS gameplay for PS4, but mod tools have achieved this before Take-Two.

The Nintendo Switch runs the game at 720p or 1080p/30FPS, and the latest video from Modern Vintage Gamer shows that tweaking the hardware with mods allows the console to reach a mostly consistent 60FPS experience.

Why it matters: For gamers, achieving a 60FPS experience is considered ideal due to it resulting in smooth gameplay without compromising visuals.

YouTube video

The video shows that various tools like Sys Clock, FPSLocker, and more can be used to unleash the full potential of the Nintendo Switch.

Using these tools, various parts of the Nintendo Switch can be overclocked. This includes the CPU, GPU, and more. In the video, the CPU and GPU were clocked at 1785 MHz and 921 MHz, respectively.

The most important modification comes in the form of a memory overclock to 1.8GHz, reducing the memory limitations of the Nintendo Switch. This figure can go up to 2.0GHz for consoles with the Marico chipset revision.

With the help of these tools, the YouTuber was able to run the game at 60FPS with slight variations. At its worst, Red Dead Redemption runs around 50FPS with these overclocks, but it produces a much smoother experience than the default 30FPS limit.

Even without overclocks, the Nintendo Switch was able to hover between 30-40FPS. This suggests that more capable consoles like the PS4 would have easily achieved a locked 60FPS experience with some work from the porting studio.

Since modded Nintendo Switch consoles can handle Red Dead Redemption at 60FPS, PS4 modders may soon get to work on a similar frame rate for the PlayStation console.

On the other hand, PC gamers can also expect a very polished 60FPS version of Red Dead Redemption soon, as it has already become playable through Nintendo Switch emulation.

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