Radeon RX 5600 XT With 12GB VRAM Mod Doubles Its Performance In Superposition

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After modifying a GeForce RTX 3070 with 16GB VRAM and GeForce RTX 3060 with 12GB VRAM, we now see what happens with an AMD GPU. Brazilian Modder Paulo Gomes chose the Red Dragon GPU RX 5600XT for a project in which he modded the VRAM of graphics cards to 12GB.

The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT has gone from offering 6GB of GDDR6 memory attached to a 192-bit memory interface to no less than 12GB. To do this, Paulo replaced the original memory chips with new ones.

Specifically, he replaced Samsung’s 1GB 14Gbps GDDR6 chips with 2GB 16Gbps chips. In this way, the memory capacity was increased, and the bandwidth could reach from a bandwidth of 288 GB/s to 336 GB/s, which is an increase of 16%.

He also modifies BIOS to make the Radeon RX 5600 XT functional with 12GB of memory. After a few changes to the HEX numbering system, he made it fully available.


Tests could be more realistic. Instead of using ordinary resolutions and some games that would naturally push memory to the limit, they did a performance test tied to pushing memory to the limit. 


They used the Superposition benchmarks on 10k resolution, and from the above screenshot, we can see that it doubles performance, although it’s clear that both tests only reveal synthetic performance. 

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According to the video, after many failed attempts, the mod was successful. Windows correctly recognize the GPU and supports official drivers. This means that the team can test the card with games and benchmarking software, and hopefully, we will see some accurate gaming benchmarks in the future. 

What do you think about this new trend of modifying the VRAM graphics cards? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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