PlayStation Project Q Was Being Planned Since 2015

Concept Was First Made In 2015!

The long-rumored PlayStation handheld console, Project Q, was recently announced at the PlayStation Showcase. The handheld console uses remote play to stream games from a PlayStation 5 console.

According to a past patent filed by Sony in 2015, ‘Project Q’ suggests that the handheld console was considered for more than eight years. The patent was filed in 2015 and published in 2017.

Why It Matters: PlayStation Project Q is the first handheld from Sony after the PS Vita in 2012. The long development time may be a good sign for PlayStation’s return to the handheld market.

playstation project q patent
Source: PS3dominater

The early design of the console is quite different from the finished product. The design shows a more compact joystick with a similar display in the center. Meanwhile, Project Q’s current design is reminiscent of the DualSense controller.

Early patents show the same location for the headphone jack and charging port at the bottom of the handheld console. The only difference is that the older patent uses a micro USB charging port, whereas the current one uses a mini USB.

Sony’s PlayStation Project Q comes equipped with an 8-inch HD screen and joysticks similar to the latest DualSense controller. As a result, the handheld console also includes all the features, such as adaptive triggers.

According to a recent report, Project Q’s battery lasts around 3-4 hours, which may seem underwhelming, considering the handheld console is a remote-play device rather than a full-fledged device.

In comparison, the Nintendo Switch OLED’s battery lasts up to 6 hours. Sony will have to compensate for the low battery life with the price tag, which many speculate will be $200 or more.

Project Q is set to release this year, and Jim Ryan has promised to share more information on the handheld console soon.

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