PlayStation Expected To Pursue More Exclusivity With Square Enix

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Despite Improving Relations With Xbox!

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  • Square Enix reduced its exclusivity window for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
  • The company has improved its relations with Xbox recently.
  • Despite these developments, a leaker claims fans should expect more PlayStation exclusivity from the company moving forward.

PlayStation and Square Enix have been close partners in the gaming industry.

Recent launches like Final Fantasy 16 and upcoming timed exclusives like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth highlight this partnership, but Microsoft has also attempted to improve its relationship with the Japanese gaming giant recently.

While many believed this would lead to less exclusivity in the future, a new report states otherwise. According to a leaker, Square Enix and PlayStation will continue to collaborate for timed exclusives.

Why it matters: The exclusivity of Final Fantasy 16 reportedly hurt the game, limiting it to a small market of PS5 owners. This led many to believe that future games would not rely on this strategy.

Final Fantasy 16

On Resetera, a reliable leaker recently replied to a comment stating PlayStation and Square Enix should stop the trend of third-party exclusivity. While this was expected to be the case after recent results, the leaker said:

“It’s going to get much worse.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the next big PS5 exclusive from Square Enix. However, this game’s exclusivity window is much shorter than Final Fantasy 16’s, lasting only 3 months compared to the latter’s six months.

Not too long ago, Phil Spencer shared the stage with Square Enix CEO Takashi Kiryu. This event highlighted promise for the future, leading to hopes for the Japanese gaming giant leaving the days of exclusivity behind.

Still, the Xbox CEO already acknowledged that bringing exclusives like Final Fantasy 7 Remake to Microsoft’s platforms would be up to Square Enix. Following this comment, the leaker implies that Xbox fans should get used to this trend.

PlayStation is currently going through various internal issues, with studios like Bungie and Naughty Dog facing layoffs. Therefore, the gaming giant could be hoping to rely more on third-party exclusivity for its console gaming business.

It recently teamed up with the likes of Team Ninja for Rise of the Ronin. With exclusivity being an important factor in its business, Square Enix could become an even more bigger partner to PlayStation.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In the past, PlayStation was rumored to acquire Square Enix. While this does not appear to be happening, the leak may be disappointing for Xbox users who are fans of games like Final Fantasy.

Square Enix has also outlined its strategy to pursue more AAA games in the future. With this goal, the assistance of PlayStation could be a valuable asset to the company, helping it bring more projects to life.

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