Major Drawback of First PCIe Gen 5 SSD Is That Its Too Noisy

Impressive Speed But At The Cost of Annoying Noise Generated By Heatsink Fan!

One of the first consumer-grade NVMe SSD from CFD Gaming is up for sale and ready for shipping. CFD Gaming is one of the companies to offer the new PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSD, even though the technology has been out in the market for quite some time.

Both Intel and AMD have updated their latest platforms for the new Gen 5 PCIe devices, though SSD manufacturers don’t seem to be in a rush to launch SSD based on the new standard yet.

Currently, CFD Gaming is the only company offering a 2TB variant, but more options will be available. Like its predecessor, the PCIe Gen 5 SSD from CFD Gaming also comes equipped with a large heatsink and a fan, though we are not sure if the SSD is safe to operate with the thin heatsink provided by a majority of the motherboards these days.

A user by the name of @momomo_us just shared some tests on the 2TB CFD Gaming PCIe Gen 5 SSD, and it looks like the fan might be a requirement to run cool. During his testing, the small fan on the SSD generated a lot of noise and was even louder than the Intel stock cooler because of its size.

The user was probably running some SSD-related benchmarks in the background while recording this video, reason why the SSD was running so loud. Though don’t expect the SSD to run this loud all the time, users should expect this kind of noise at high usage.

A quick CrystaDiskMark benchmark was also done during testing, which resulted in speeds surpassing the 10 GB/s mark, while SSDs with lower capacity will give a bit low transfer rate score.

The PCIe Gen 5 SSD from CFD Gaming is the fastest yet, but a speed like that also comes with a cost. Currently, the CFD Gaming PCIe Gen 5 SSD is only available in Japan with a price tag of around $383 or 49,980 Japanese Yen for the 2Tb variant.

What are your thoughts on the new SSD technology? Is the price worth upgrading to the next-gen SSD? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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