PlayStation Says PC Ports Are Meant To Encourage PS5 Purchase

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Sony Wants You To Buy PS5 For Sequels To PC Ports!

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  • PlayStation still has no intentions of launching all games on PC from day one.
  • The gaming giant wants PC users to buy a PS5 after playing its single-player titles.
  • It states that TV adaptations also serve the same purpose since Sony hopes to grow the PS5’s user base.

PlayStation has clarified its stance on PC gaming once again. While recent statements suggested the gaming giant would eventually go all-in on the platform, the new co-CEO, Hermen Hulst, states that the strategy has remained unchanged.

According to his latest statement, single-player titles will not arrive on PC day and date.

Why it matters: PlayStation’s executives seem to be going for a balanced approach as they hope to move forward on both consoles and PC.

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony Still Wants To Grow Its Console Ecosystem Above Everything Else

Hermen Hulst explained that Sony’s current strategy is to put all live-service titles on the platform from day-one. This worked well for Helldivers 2, leading to 12 million sales in total.

However, Sony’s primary goal for single-player releases is to entice PC gamers to purchase a PS5. By giving fans a taste of IPs like Ghost of Tsushima and God of War, PlayStation hopes PC gamers will buy a PS5 in anticipation of new entries for these IPs.

Hermen Hulst elaborated that TV shows like the popular Last of Us serve a similar purpose. Everything goes back to Sony’s goal of supporting its console ecosystem.

We introduce our great franchise to new audiences. We have high hopes that we are able to bring new players into PlayStation platforms.

-Hermen Hulst

Elsewhere, the co-CEO stated that Sony is now looking at ways to cut development costs. He hopes to explore outsourcing and co-developing opportunities to achieve meaningful results.

Sony PlayStation Nixxes
Nixxes Software Handles Nearly All of Sony’s PC Ports

Ultimately, it seems Sony is quite comfortable with its current approach. There has been an undeniable increase in the number of ports arriving on the platform, but this may be because many of Sony’s biggest IPs already have sequels on the PS5.

For instance, God of War and Spider-Man both have new stories to tell that are available exclusively on the PS5 for now. Meanwhile, Ghost of Tsushima 2 is also expected to arrive on the PS5 next year.

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