PC Market Shipments To Fall By 13% In 2023, Claims Report

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Following a sudden boom in the PC market during the pandemic, demand for PC parts has settled down. A number of factors have led to this outcome, and a report from IDC states that the PC market shipments will take several years to fully recover.

Following COVID-19, the technology bubble finally broke. During the pandemic, chip manufacturers and product designers rushed to invest in the market and develop new products without considering the inevitable collapse.

Since 2019, the PC market has been through a roller coaster. The focus is now on steady growth. However, this will not be easy since the last few years have left a tremendous impact on the market, and the current economy is not helping.

PC market 2023-2027

IDC’s report includes desktops, laptops, and workstations but excludes tablets and servers, which fall under other markets.

The number of shipments in 2023 is expected to exceed 252 million units by the end of the year. Compared to 2022, the current year has seen a decline in shipments of about 13.7%.

In the consumer sector, the decline is predicted to be even more prominent, with shipments falling by just over 16%. Shipments in other areas, like the education sector, will suffer less, declining by 11.2%.

PC market 2022-205

However, the IDC data also states that shipments in the PC market will continue to rise till 2027.

The next year will mark a massive boost, showing 3.7% growth year-on-year with 261.4 million shipments. While this would be below 2019 levels, it will be a considerable improvement for the currently struggling market.

This trajectory would lead to 284.9 shipments in 2027, which is still lower than the 2021 results. Areas like education and commercial markets are expected to exhibit the largest increase in demand, leading to a more positive outlook for the entire industry in a few years.

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