If you’ve grown up playing first-person shooter games, then one name that couldn’t have escaped was Payday. PAYDAY: The Heist was launched in 2011 on PlayStation and was later released on PC via Steam. It was an enjoyable game that revolved around the story of four thieves planning heists. The game was very well-reviewed by the critics and players, which resulted in its sequel that got similar praise. 

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Finally, after almost 10 years, we will be getting a third title in the series. Starbreeze had been facing some financial issues which stopped them from developing the game before. And now, they finally seem to have gotten out of it and are ready to provide us with the latest installment of the much-loved PAYDAY games lineup.

According to the game’s parent company, Starbreeze, the game’s creator, Overkill, is presently making strong work on Payday 3. The sequel incorporates contemporary topics such as bitcoins and hacking, adding a more modern aspect. Similarly, it was also revealed that we would be getting the same 4 heisters, namely Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf.

But most of this news was even more verified when yesterday, Official Elisabeth, a community manager on Reddit, wrote a thread that explained everything about the game’s progress.

Many questions followed the thread, giving us more in-depth information on the game. She verified that it has indeed been confirmed that all four of the previous heisters will be making a comeback, but she can’t reveal anything else aside from this yet.  Another user asked her the release time of the game, to which she replied ‘2023!’ confirming that Payday 3 is coming in 2023.

Payday 3

Another important point raised was about the engine on which the game will be based. When asked whether the game will use Unreal Engine 4 or 5, Elisabeth replied that the technical department is looking into both options’ feasibility and will see where they end up once they finish their research. Based on what we have seen on the Unreal Engine 5, the game will be truly unreal if it is based on it. 

Though the game is still a year away, at least now it’s confirmed that it will release at its designated time, and there is no delay yet. This news will no doubt hype up the excitement of the fans of the franchise, especially those who have been looking forward to a new PAYDAY game for about 10 years now. And hopefully, the game will tackle the bugs and other complaints that people had from the PAYDAY 2 and make it into a much more refined and smooth gameplay for the PAYDAY 3.

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