Nvidia AI GPUs Dubbed ‘Rubin’ Will Debut In 2025

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New Nvidia AI Lineup In 2025!

Nvidia’s roadmap chart has been leaked, and it shows that Nvidia’s post-Blackwell generation will be codenamed Rubin, specifically Vera Rubin, based on a famous astronomer.

The reason behind this choice is currently unknown, though we expect to learn more in the days closer to launch.

It is evident from Nvidia’s roadmap and organizational chart that the X100 will be the flagship processor of the Rubin architecture expected in 2025. This was already spotted when the presentation was first leaked.

The X100 represents a designation for GPUs yet to be announced. Because X is shown in place of the letter that is typically associated with the architecture, this will not be the final name of the GPU itself.

NVIDIA H100 H200 B100 R100 RTX 60 Rubin
Source: Nvidia

Based on leaks, the X100 will turn out to be the R100. Likewise, the GX200 should be dubbed the GR200 for the Arm on Grace Superchip variant and GR200NVL for the version focused on LLM training and inference.

The roadmap suggests that the R100 for AI will arrive in 2025. Still, it remains to be seen whether the Rubin architecture will be part of the consumer gaming graphics card from Nvidia.

According to reliable leakers, plans for the gaming graphics cards are not set in stone yet. Earlier reports suggested Nvidia would not launch a new gaming generation this year, so many plans are still subject to change.

Going by this roadmap, Nvidia might follow the Rubin architecture with its gaming graphics cards in the same year, but we are yet to receive more information.

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