Nvidia Opens Up H20 AI GPU Orders In China For $12,000

Priced As High As $15K!

Nvidia was stopped when it launched a new series of AI chips designed for its customers in China because they didn’t comply with the export rules of the U.S. government. Finally, Nvidia is processing orders for the H20 AI GPU to reclaim its position in the market.

Although Team Green’s performance in the data center industry has been phenomenal in 2023, the company has encountered obstacles in the form of US legislation, which have forced it to take actions detrimental to its ability to grow economically in places like China.

Like the RTX 4090D, this AI variant has been cut down to address US export policies. The US government imposed bans on the company’s H800 and A800 AI GPUs, two important variants for financial success in FY23.

The H20 SXM, PCIe L20, and PCIe L2 were among the new AI GPUs that the company presented.

 NVIDIA H20 SXM L20 L2 Chinese AI GPU Specifications scaled

According to a report, Nvidia made an entry into the Chinese market with its H20 AI GPU after making orders available to prospective customers.

The reports indicate that GPU prices range from US$12K to US$15K, putting it in a competitive market with products like Huawei’s 910B AI accelerator, which retails for approximately $16K.

In terms of specifications, the H20 AI GPU is a simplified version of the H100, which sold half a million units in a single quarter, with Nvidia making a 1000% profit on each.

The H20 offers a memory capacity of 96 GB, a 400W TDP, the ability to operate at up to 4.0 Tb/s, and 296 TFLOPs of compute power. Using the GH100 die, the H20 can deliver up to 2.9 TFLOPs/die. Still, the H100 is much further ahead with 19.4 TFLOPs/die.

The H100 SXM is also much faster than the H20’s. However, those figures do not represent FP8 FLOPs. Despite the obvious cuts, it still features a 900GB/s NVLINK connection, in addition to 7-Way Multi-Instance GPU technology support.

Team Green has been rapidly growing in the Chinese market, but the competition in the market is still tough as other companies are also producing AI GPUs on par with Nvidia’s cut-down variant.

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