Noctua Unveils NF-A4x10 24V Fan After Popular Demand

New PWM 40mm Fan From Noctua!

[Press Release] Noctua is enhancing its popular NF-A4x10 40mm fan today. The company has revealed a 24V variant of this fan, making it the ideal choice for applications like 3D printers.

Noctua’s CEO explains that this product came about due to the incredible consumer demand, highlighting a relationship built on trust and high-quality products. Roland Mossig said:

“We see so much demand that we also want to offer our popular NF-A4x10 in a 24V version.”

Noctua NF-A4x10 40mm 20V PWM Fan

This fan is built for silent operation and optimal cooling. Making use of aerodynamic design principles and Advanced Acoustic Optimization, Noctua’s latest fan is well-equipped to handle 3D printers.

The company points out examples like the Creality Ender 3 and Anycubic Mega as 3D printers that can benefit from the latest 24V fan. Noctua also includes adaptors like the OmniJon set to enable easy installation of the NF-A4x10.

To ensure user freedom, the NF-A4x10’s fan speed can be controlled between the wide range of 5000rpm and 1100rpm. This means it can adjust to its cooling requirements manually or automatically.

The Noctua NF-A4x10 is also protected from short circuits and overvoltage. In situations where electrical interference is a key factor, the fan further demonstrates its reliability through ultra-low EMC emissions.

The addition of a locked rotor and overloading protection provides yet another safety measure, highlighting Noctua’s commitment to creating a reliable product bolstered by a six-year warranty.

Noctua confirms the NF-A4x10 has been through a rigorous testing process, ensuring that users will seldom need to worry about returns or faulty products. The fan is now available and can be bought on stores like Amazon for $15.

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