Noctua Debuts New Range of Products At Computex 2024

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CPU Coolers, Fans, And More Shown At Computex!

[Press Release] Noctua had a lot to show at Computex 2024. The lineup began with the remarkable NH-D15 G2 CPU cooler and NF-A14 140mm fan.

Noctua NHD15-G2 CPU Cooler
The CPU Cooler Promises A Major Boost Over Its Predecessor

Noctua states that the former will be available in three variants. The standard variant will offer medium-base convexity like other coolers from the company. However, buyers can pick between low and high-base versions.

This difference exists to offer better-suited options to AMD’s AM5 and Intel’s LGA 1700 platforms. The former’s CPUs are flatter with hotspots in the South, while the latter’s CPUs become strongly concave due to pressure from the ILM.

Noctua recommends the medium-base version for a general-purpose solution. Moreover, the included offset mounting works best with AM5 platforms, while the contact frames can be useful for LGA 1700 PCs.

As shown in a live demo, the NH-D15 G2 cooler can dissipate more than 600W compared to the 430W of the first generation in identical testing circumstances. This should lead to a 2-3°C advantage in 180-250W CPUs.

Noctua NFA14x25r G2 Fan
Noctua’s NFA14x25r G2 Arrives Next Month

This cooler, alongside the NF-A14x25r G2, will launch in July. Additionally, the square frame NF-A14x25 G2 will launch in September due to significant structural modifications. Noctua also confirms that a chromax black version of the NF-A14x25 G2 is in the works.

Other products unveiled at Computex 2024 include the second-gen 120mm A-series fans. This fan is said to push 10% more airflow than the NH-U12A heatsink and an additional 12% through a 49mm water-cooling radiator.

This fan will be used in a dual-tower 120mm CPU cooler next year. Thanks to its two new fans, a dual-fin stack, and 8 heat pipes, the cooler will rival Noctua’s NH-D15 in a 120mm form factor.

Seasonic Prime TX-1600 Noctua Edition
Seasonic’s Upcoming Power Supply Promises Lower Noise Levels

Apart from the cooling products, Noctua highlighted Seasonic’s Prime TX-1600 power supply. Thanks to the NF-A12x25 120mm fan and a tailor-made fan grill, the Noctua edition offers quieter operation by about ~8-10dB(A). This is achieved due to the enhanced airflow and acoustics.

The power supply launches in Q4 2024, but this isn’t all. A two-phase thermosiphon CPU cooler is currently in development in collaboration with Belgian expert Calyos. This CPU cooler aims to offer AIO-like performance without the inherent drawbacks.

It does not rely on any moving parts within the fluid cycle, eliminating pump-induced noise, vibrations, or failures. However, this project still requires more development, so a release date is not set in stone for the time being.

Noctua wrapped up its Computex 2024 lineup with the NH-U14S AMP-4926 and NH-D9 AMP-4926 4U. Another solution for for Nvidia’s Grace Hopper superchips was also shown.

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