The Nintendo Wii is among Nintendo’s most successful consoles. Second, only to the newest Nintendo Switch, which is a hybrid, the Wii is Nintendo’s best-selling home console. The Wii has garnered a positive reputation with an enormous library featuring games like Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Similarly, the Nintendo DS is Nintendo’s best-selling handheld console of all time and comes with its own equally impressive library. 

Wii Retail Box console
The Nintendo Wii console

Both of these consoles are fairly old in today’s day and age. The Wii was first released in 2006. With age comes the threat of online services being shutdown. The Wii store has, in a sense, lost a lot of functionality since 2019 as sales had stopped for the store. However, Nintendo still let users download previously bought games. Though they had always planned to shutdown services entirely at some point, this recent turn of events came out of nowhere.

The original news came from user Trash_Bandicoot, who stated,

Around 10:00 pm CST, with no prior announcement, both the DSi Shop and Wii Shop Channels were quietly pulled offline“.

It’s been over three days since the original post, and the problem has not been resolved as of yet. What is really strange in this case is that Nintendo seems to indicate that all services are up and running as intended. 

A Youtube video from GameXplain also recently covered the problem, but Nintendo has remained silent despite the coverage.

YouTube video

As seen in the video, trying to access the eShop leads to a blank screen which eventually throws an error code. A similar error also shows up on the DSi handheld. While it is largely unclear whether this outage is an error from Nintendo or a stealth termination of services, fans are concerned about the lack of communication from Nintendo’s end. 

Nintendo Wii DsI Shop Channel Down
Picture from Trash_Bandicoot’s original thread

While this could be an error from Nintendo’s side, nobody is really sure for now. If servers have indeed been shut down, this would mean that Nintendo failed to inform their customers beforehand as they had previously promised. For now, users have been left in the dark with no option but to wait for an official statement from Nintendo.

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